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Latino Gang Targets Blacks in LA



Somehow I knew somthing like this would happen.


Nothing new with this here.


So if they follow through, will this be a hate crime? Or can only white guys commit hate crimes?


Good question Tom, from what I read and heard on the radio here in LA, it looks like it was a huge gang round up and the criteria for it being a hate crime has been met. I am waiting to see if the DA has the sack to actually pursue this thing to the fullest extent.


You know, when I read this hate crime didnt even cross my mind. I was thinking about the recconquista movement.


Nothing drives down the cost of real estate like a good old-fashioned gang war.


This is why I don't like hate crimes. Reasons don't matter, what happens matters. Beating up and killing is hateful enough , why doesn't matter.


I think its convenient that no one mentions that the "black residents" were black gang members.

what is ironic is that 1 out of 15 residents of that area has direct and active ties to VHG.
its a witch hunt for the city to get rid of gangs.

this is not any normal little street gang
VHG is operated by the mexican mafia,they are pretty big but you never heard about them in the news.

why cant the government and the police ever say what it is.
they never call it a witch hunt,instead they have to make up some excuse to do their jobs.

if you want to get rid of organized crime then say your doing that dont call it something else.
so now whats happening is that people think "Latino gangs" are against the normal everyday black people and its racially charged.
I can tell you gangs do not do things that will not profit them.
this isnt about race this is gang related plain and simple

but now the California voters and I know it will spill into the surrounding states as well will be looking at the latin population and voting against upcoming immigration laws. because its a problem they see in the news.

"oh no have to get rid of them damned mexicans look what they do they attack white people and black people, their trying to take over the country."
its more fuel for the illigal immigrant issue in the south west.
this type of story is nothing new, only reason for even mentioning it is purely political.

this whole thing got really bad when Sepe shot that cop in 05.


true that. people still overlook the fact gangs function just like any other organization. Money is their bottom line, not wall tagging, flashing colors or anything else.

good example here where people would like to attach hate crime to this to suit an agenda, but in reality its just money driven.

unlikely the mayor will get much done on this front, LAPD has used up all its good will and is throwing away its funding on beating up innocents or petty criminals.

I'd rather see them beating up more gang leaders, they wont show in court to sue them at least.


If they start going after white people too, all hell is going to break loose.


I saw a Gangland on the History Channel and the episode about Los Avenues said they targeted all blacks, whether in gangs or not. If they were not in gangs, they were robbed and shot. But it was an effort to drive blacks out of their neighborhoods.


Do you really think law enforcement is going to openly declare war on a specific gang or groups of gangs? Why would you do that? You don't want gangs to get wind of what's being planned against them, let them think the cops are slow, stupid, and inept. While in the mean time, they are putting their informants into place, collecting evidence, wiretaps, etc. It's not just a matter of arresting them for some kind of minor crime. You want to follow the trail to something bigger, where you can really slam them in court. You get things like major drug trafficking, murder or conspiracy to commit, extortion, kidnapping and you have guys getting life in prison or 20-30 yrs with good behavior time. With conspiracy, you cast a huge net into the sea of crime, and then you can sort it all out once you reel in the net.


Yes black and latino gangs hate each other, and are always at war. In the mean time, other gangs sit back and let them kill each other off.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manslaughter ??


great point, I was waiting for someone to mention this.
it is a smart thing to do,I just cant stand deception is all.


this is also truth.

problem is while the police is playing footsie with the messengers, the real bosses are hiding out cause of the heat on the little guys.

this is going to be an ongoing issue though, been going on forever.
infact I can think of 3 generations of my family that has lived through riots and gang wars in the LA area
it wont end soon there will be more many more I suspect


It's a war that has no ending, with new upcoming generations being taught the same bullshit as it's elders thus continuing it forward. These guys need to know that their future is either death or prison if they continue their lifestyle. But even that doesn't always deter them.


These gang bangers are a drain on society: between the tax dollars being spent on police and courts to incarcerate them and the prisons which house, feed and babysit them while they spend their time watching cable tv, fucking each other up the ass, making homemade weapons to off each other with and terrorize correctional officers.

This is not counting all the illegitimate kids they foster and swell the welfare rolls or the innocents that they kill or maim. They are social parasites.

I can imagine all of the tax dollars they cost Californians. The police probably can't do shit about it because of pussy liberals either who cry about police brutality.


You are absolutely right, we have weak people in positions of power. Recently a gang member stole a car and led police on a crazy chase through residential neighborhoods going up to 80 mph. When he crashed, he fled on foot and finally surrendered. When cops came up to him laying on the ground, one kicked him in the head. Now people are screaming police brutality, when the guy has a record a mile long.


the mafia is cool though, right?