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Latest Train w/ Kai Video


something to watch and think about whilst we eat (COMMA) fellas.....

stu- i see what you did there...very tricky.

i've got nothing.


Yeah,.. I don't have too many fellas on my current diet, but you feel free to enjoy :slightly_smiling:



Many of them around my office woould def qualify as part of a high fat diet...


Good stuff.


How did the guy get to the size he is when he was fryed after some DB pullovers? The first excersise of the whole workout!


Not one of these vids. People actually enjoy Kai's crappy musings? But I guess it is his "thing" to try to stand out. I watched some of his older vids where he trained with Darrem Charles I think and there he was just doing the normal bbing thing.

I would love to hear Lee's take on Kai's stuff. ha


do any of you guys use pullovers for chest? seems like a waste of time to me


It's funny to compare these to videos of him actually training. I saw a back session of his where he used a lot of momentum, then a chest session where he benched 500lb some. Regardless, what he's teaching has helped me to an extent. I'm sure some people will go out and see this, then head to the gym to go pre-exhaust and then hit 95 lb inclines.


I've heard tons of BB stress contraction but nobody does it as intense as Kai. Pretty amazing


Never, Shelby Starnes wrote somewhere that its all todo with rom. Bringing the db to just above ur for head and having a big stretch works lats but coming more towards ur rib cage and only back as far as mid head works chest.


Seems like he makes everything way more complicated than it needs to be. I'm far from a pro, so maybe I'm being ignorant, but if I had his voice rambling in my head during my workouts, I probably wouldn't get much done. He's all talk and I bet he doesn't train this way all the time. I'm not saying good form and control isn't important, but he gives the impression that he built his physique this way and this way alone, yet he is still pretty strong. I've definitely seen videos/clips of him training in a more "traditional" manner.

"The contraction of my muscles are what's making this bar move." No shit Shercock.


This reminds me of one of those cheap houses with a weak foundation.


You are being ignorant. Talk about missing the point, lol.


Kai didn't tell him that's the way he trains all the time. He trained him the way he did on that day because he noticed something on the very first exercise and wanted to make a point about the mind muscle connection. I think the kid got the point.


good stuff, thanks for posting




The first time I watched that video, it was mostly just on in the background. I just watched it properly with no distractions and I must admit, my comments were pretty ignorant, which is really out of character. Having now watched it again, I thought it was a decent video and I now understand that Kai saw it necessary to have break things down further in order to help this guy. His philosophical approach seemed to help his trainee absorb what he was saying.


Now that is just weak. Weak!

Kai's "philosophical" approach. ha


So, um, that seemed like a really longwinded way to say "work on your MMC". And maybe "focus on the stretch and contraction".

For whatever reason, Kai gives me the impression of a guy who hits the gym hard, then comes home and spends the rest of the day on the couch playing xbox. Maybe reads a book here and there to sound educated among his friends... but mostly just xbox.

(Not to take away from his accomplishments IN the gym though.)


What would be more effective, for someone to walk up to you and say, "You need to work on your MMC." Or for someone to take you through a workout actually teaching you how to do it?