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I think my latest test results put me just in the 'normal' range, which since my doctor wrote 'normal hormone results' by my test results seems to me that she's going to be less willing to work with me. So that stinks. I feel cloudy and my libido is still low, so this is pretty discouraging. I have an appointment Friday, but I seriously doubt that any help will come because of these latest results.

Here's my prior thread: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_senior/low_test_advice?pageNo=1#bottom

I'm 32, btw


Testosterone, Total: 3.07
Testosterone Free % 2.48 (Range 1.1 - 2.8%)
Testosterone Free 76.0 (Range 35-155 pg/ml)
Prolactin 6.15 (range 0.47 - 18.0 NG/ML)
LH 3.3 (Range 1.7 - 8.6 MIU/ML)
FSH 4.2 (range 1.6 - 11.0 MIU/ML)

4/19/10 results:

TESTOSTERONE FREE % 2.64 1.1-2.8 %

FSH 3.0 1.6-11.0 MIU/ML
LH 3.2 1.7-8.6 MIU/ML
PROLACTIN 6.78 0.47-18.0 NG/ML

Any advice?


More results:

Estradiol: 27.0 (Range <53.0 PG/ML)


You might feel better with lower E2, that could help your T level.

FT levels are highly volatile and the absolute number is not very useful. TT is a better measure of things in this situation. Same can be said about LH and FSH is the better measure.

FSH increased by 40% and TT by 10.8%

Prior E2 lab result?


Unfortunately I didn't get a prior E2 result.

I presented some material to my doctor and asked for help and she said it wasn't her specialty and that I would have to go back to the same Urologist I saw before. The urologist who didn't think it was a problem and said that I should just be concerned with losing weight.

Since I went from 330 - 250 (and I'm now at 240), I would have thought that this was a given as to what I was supposed to be doing. URGH.


Get near E2=22pg/ml and fat loss should be easier.

I assume that we discussed thyroid issues in another post.


I'm not entirely sure how I can get near 22pg/ml without my doctor's help.

As to my thyroid - Think we did, my prior test (4/19/10) was normal:

TSH,BLD,QN 3.080 (range 0.320 - 5.500 MIU/ML)

The problem is I go through kaiser and my doctor has to 'refer' me to other doctors and all that. She initially prescribed me T - I freaked out (my mistake I realize) - and I asked to be referred to a urologist (she then cancelled my script). He said for me to lose weight and now she's sticking with his determination.

I feel like if I keep pushing that she's going to label me as a drug seeker or something when the reality is I just want to be normal.


TSH=3.080 is not normal. You have hypothyroidism. You can feel crappy from that, and make you fat and lower T. You can follow up with fT4, fT3. If doc will not, do your own at LEF.org and pay out-of-pocket.

Check your waking body temp, record and come back, to this post, with the results.

Your doc will not script for E2=27-->22 change. You would be on your own. E2 labs as above.


FYI - My mother has hypothyroidism and takes medicine for it.

That said, I'm utterly clueless as to what these thyroid numbers mean. My number looks like it's in range (0.320 - 5.500)

I'll see if I can follow up with her on the thyroid tests (fT4 and fT3), but I'm really lost here since my score is in the middle. What does 3.080 mean? Wouldn't this have tipped my GP off, since I told her my family history (mother has hypothyroidism).

Thanks for the help, I'm just a bit confused.


I'll have to do this tomorrow, again, thanks for the help.


CORTISOL level, taken at 830am, after the gym (got up at 4am that day):

10.97 (range 3.0 - 30.0 UG/DL)


TSH ranges are really bogus. The normal range does not mean that you are normal only that you fall into a statistical norm that also includes those who have major thyroid problems. Middle is not good! Good is near 1.0

Using iodized salt or iodine in vitamins? [important]

Check waking body temp.

Does your doc palpate your thyroid gland? Does your neck look thick at that location? -google
Does your thyroid have lumps?

Find out what kind of thyroid problem your mom has.
Ask your mom what her history of using iodized salt is.

Read this so you can know what to expect from your doc:


cortisol is too low (<15 for 8am is too low)

TSH thyroid is too high

1 = possible problem
2 = problem
3 = a serious problem

PLEASE go read stopthethyroidmadness.com