Latest T Results are in After Lifestyle Improvement

After months of low T, and thinking it was caused each time by sleep deprivation or moderate alcohol consumption from the past weekend, I finally got a well rested test, within 1-2 hours of waking up, and on a Thursday (i.e. not right after the weekend).

TT 454

Free T 75.8

FSH 3.4

LH 4.6

Other factors didn’t get tested unfortunately. FT in the past has been 1.6-2.1. This is my 2nd lowest FT yet, comparable to the time I got tested late in the afternoon.

This TT coincides with previous results, ranging from 380 (a few hours later into the day), to 480 (with a slight hangover, but months after T started dropping).

I have a pituitary adenoma as well. Symptoms of depression, anxiety, brain fog, memory deficits, poor concentration, mood swings, irritability, fatigue, poor sleep are all very evident at this point and taking a toll on my life. I spent a brief time period on Clomid, T went up to 750ish, and I did much better for that period, minus low libido.

I’ve read studies that sleep deprivation and alcohol consumption generally aren’t associated with the results I’m seeing. I work out frequently, eat a good diet, and sleep a ton most of the time (8-10 hours) minus a night or two out a week (5-6 hours).

Is it time to go on TRT?