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Latest Season of House


I had a client tonight and some errands to run so I missed all but the end of the season Finale of House. What the hell gives? Anybody want to post up some major spoilers?


So if House fucking nuts or what? He supposedly detoxed with Cuddy last time, but that didn't happen? Did he really hook up with her or was that in his head too?



Yes, he has gone over and past the edge. Your suspicions are correct. It ends with him going to a mental hospital.

Also, Chase and Cameron get married.



He made up the whole detox thing, it was all in his head, the symbol that assured him of his night with cuddy (lipstick) was in fact his bottle of vicodin.

House is pretty mental at this point, he goes to a psychiatric clinic at the end, Chase and Cameron also got married.

Im pissed that house didn't really bang cudddy, so season finale was a let down.


See, I saw the flashback montage but it only makes sense now. So he was all worried about the lipstick because that was his "proof" but it wasn't real. Gotcha. Good.


To put it lightly...holy fuck hurry up with the next season!



Is it going to be as simple as , he is just naturally bat-shit crazy or that "Vicodin did it," or will there be a medical mystery but this time with House as the difficult case that has to be figured out?


You can probably go to hulu.com and watch it online.


Or will there be really extreme plot twists such as:

We know that House tried (not consciously knowing it, though) to kill Chase.

And he hasn't slept through the night since Kutner died.

Well why not? Since when has he been so emotionally affected by such things? No one else on the team has been so affected by it, why would House be?

Because, unknown to him, he killed Kutner? After all, House was absolutely convinced Kutner didn't kill himself but was murdered, so that would be consistent. And now this has driven him crazy?

Hmmm, preferably that won't be it...