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26/ 160 / 6’2”
pituitary micro adenoma of .3
hello guys im heading to miami because i have an appointment with an endo over there.

heres my last lab tests:
T4, free direct analysis 1.1 ref range .9- 2.2

cortisol free 24 hour urine total volume 3500

93.6 ref range 4.0-50.0

fsh 1.96 ref range .63 -2.50

lh .9 ref range 1.6-8.0

sghb 57

total t 184 ref 250-1110

free t 23.9 ref 35-155

what should i expect?

no sign on cushing


Your pituitary is not producing u can tell by the very low LH and FSH. Endocrinologist will need to assess the MRI to see if the growth is causing the low output.
Total t
Free t
Free t3
Free t4
Reverse t3 if u can
LH and FSH if u never took before
Lipid panel
Estradiol sensitive


At age=26 an attempt to fix this with Dostinex/cabergoline 0.25mg twice a week should be made. Assuming prolactin is elevated…

fT4 mid range = (0.9+2.2)/2=16.5
Your fT4 is low.
fT3 is the only active thyroid hormone and not tested.
Did we discuss thyroid in any of your other 6 threads?
Iodine deficient?
Low body temperatures?

High cortisol: Is ATCH elevated?

At your age, do not accept any TRT that does not include 250iu hCG subq EOD to protect your fertility.

With what appears to be a thyroid problem, you might not be an effective absorber of transdermal T, so injections would then be your only option, and least cost. Also, in that climate, sweat can wash off transdermal T.

With multiple threads for your case, information and context are effectively lost. If you went to a doctor and he misfiled your medical history; would you be impressed?


thanks so much for the info. prolactin levels are normal and acth is at 69 with 21 cortisol. i do have everything. the thing is that i mistakenly made different threads without full information. sorry