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Latest Men's Health Doctrine


While I admit I do subscribe to Mens Health and prefer it over most Men's magazines, I take the workout and diet recommendations with a grain of salt.

This month's amazed me though when they had some "trainer" (or maybe he was a dietician) advocating that for protein synthesis and muscle building, a person only needs about 30 grams of protein per day. Where do they get these guys???? Maybe 30 grams per meal out of 6 meals. Oh whoops...that must be only for those T-Nation freaks :slight_smile:

Anyone else see that?


Maybe that is the protein requirements for someone try to lose as much muscle mass as quickly as possible and not die doing it?


When I read that I was under the impression that he meant you only needed 30 extra grams in addition to what you normally eat.

While this still isn't the best advice, it's not quite as bad.


Yeah...you are probably right. Still seems pretty low to me.


I think it was Mens Health that actually led me to T-Mag! Read a training program by Ian King (that worked fairly well) which ended up here after searching the web.


i actually had a prof in college in a basic nutrition class tell me that all i needed to gain muscle mass was 2 mcdonalds hamburger size portions of protein a day.
i argued and argued with her about chemical structure and nitrogen and the things that make protein the different nutrient and the key to muscle gain and growth and the only thing she ever told me that i was wrong. she also mentioned that i should stop getting my info from gnc. i told her that she should do what i did and actually pick up a book and do some research and learn from it.
it doesnt suprise me a bit to see some people say this stuff, but to say that because that isnt the way they do things it is wrong.


Yes, the little blurb said SUPPLEMENTAL protein a day. So the number 30 grams/day is relative to your activity level, lean body mass, and regular food diet.