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Its been a loooooong time since I have posted anything. Anyway, I have had some “health” problems as of late and wanted to share and gain some feedback.

Less than a month ago I lost 13lbs in a week and a half. It was predominatly muscle loss. So I started to freak, at the same time I shaved my head and noticed a small bald patch. The to top it off I noticed a lump in my shoulder.

Well the lump turns out is a tendon rupture, phew. I get my labs back and my free test is 4.4, my thyroid was in the normal ranges, and my prolactin was over 300. I Just took another blood test and should have the results this week and am seeing a endo on the 13th. My doc also checked my total testosterone on this blood test.

I am 5’8 and 183lbs, down from 196. Very frustraing. I did take s-drol for while, maybe a bit to loong. But have been off it well over a month, maybe month and half. I did take Alpha Male and nolvadex xt after taking the sdrol. My cholesterol and liver enzymes are all normal.

any feedback at all is welcome.
More than anything I am just venting some frustration.