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Been a while since I've posted. Just got my latest results.

60mg T cyp ETD.

Labs (LabCorp):

T-Total 498 ng/dL (RefRange 249-836)
SHBG 35.3 nmol/L (14.5 - 48.4)
Albumin 4.3 g/dL (3.5 - 5.5)
E2 29.2 pg/mL (7.6-42.6)
Estrone 84 g/mL (12-72)

Free T calculates at 10.1 ng/dL = 2.02 %


Creatinine 1.33 mg/dL (RefRange 0.76 - 1.27)
Serum Protein 7.5 g/dL (6.0 - 8.5)

Started Adex at 1mg/2 weeks. Dr. suggested 1 pill per week. I split it into 1/4's and will take 1/2 mg/week. See how that works.


ETD = ?

Several numbers start with the letter 'T'


ETD = Every Third Day


How long have you been on this protocol? Feeling better?


I've been on T replacement for several years. Just started the Arimidex this week, so I'll find out in a week or 2 how it is working out.


Adex seems to be working. Morning Wood is back. Libido has come up. Haven't noticed much change in mood. Titrating adex at 3 drops per weekday for now to match the Dr's orders of 1mg/2 weeks.

Next labs in about 3 months.


Well... My old Dr. got in trouble. Something called a "compliance order" with the state licensing board....

So new Dr. No problem getting him to prescribe. Wanted to try me on compounded cream first. I'm cool with trying that. Did really good on the commercial gel, was just too expensive.

Now for the question. He suggested 45mg of zinc/day to help keep the T from converting to E. Any thoughts on that?


Zinc is a very very very very very very mild aromatase inhibitor...aka, not very useful...if you have REAL E2 issues, it will not help...I have no idea how much 45 mg of zinc is in the grand scheme, but do not think more will help...I think zinc is a good supplement, and I use it myself (Biotest's ZMA brand so however much zinc is in that)...


Thanks. Dr. wanted to try it for 6 weeks then test. If E2 out of line, he will prescribe.


45mg of zinc won't do anything. Zinc does work well in VERY high dosages...dosages that are going to cause health problems such as deficiency in copper and imbalance of other minerals and zinc toxicity. The minimum amount I see people take to just give a little 'nudge' is like 100-150mg. Indol-3-Carbinol helps flush out certain forms of estrogen, but studies do not show that it actually reduces serum levels of estradiol.


Thanks for the answers folks. I am sorta skeptical on this one.

But I will report that the compounded cream is much nicer to use than androgel. Its a 100mg/ml cream with 1ml applied daily. Even after putting it on yesterday afternoon, woke with morning wood today. Even if its just a 10% absorption, then thats like 10mg/day.


Awesome I am looking forward to getting a morning erection soon lol...I haven't had one since I was 18 (3-4yrs ago). When my T was up to 466 I started having semi erections in the morning though but not real ones.


The compounded cream seems to be working. Was without for several days because of a snafu with pharmacy hours . In those few days started to feel the backslide. I'll have the blood work in about 2 weeks to confirm.