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Latest Labs With High E2

Hi there. Thought I would give an update from my earlier post in regard to high E2. I have been on weekly injection of 100mg of Delatestryl since the beginning of February. Previously I was on biweekly injectionsof 250mg. These are my labs,

Feb 4 (Day 3 of 7 day Cycle)
T(Total)= 602ng, E2=115pg

Feb 8 (Day 6)
T(Total)=617, E2=77.7 (Sensitive)

March 22 (Day 6)
T(Total)=752, E2=91

April 02 (Day 3)
T(Total)=804, E2=121

I’ve managed to shed another 5 lbs to 405 but it was a battle. I’ve also noticed some boob development, lower edema, increased urination, sadness of Hope for paws videos and short lasting erection. On a positive note my mental sharpness has increased, quicker reflexes and less willingness to take bulls–t from people.

This high E2 has me worried and I understand its directly related to my obesity but switching to a twice weel;y schedule is very difficult with my work schedule. I’ll be seeing my endo at the end of the month and be discussing Arimdex. What kind of dosing should I expect?


You are more than likely a low SHBG guy which is expected with someone who is obese, then your protocol may need more frequent injections like myself. I have found smaller more frequent dosing lowers estrogen significantly without needing an AI.

I’m an AI over-responder and even a little tiny flake drops estrogen too low, so tread carefully when dosing arimidex. Sick care doctors (endocrinologists) usually refuse to prescribe arimidex, it’s one of the reason I went private for my TRT.

You really need to reconsider more frequent dosing, it may be your only way to lower estrogen and feel amazing on TRT. The water retention is do to these large infrequent injections and estrogen is the result, smaller more frequent injections will lower estrogen and therefore water retention/bloating.

I have weak or non-existent erections on once or twice weekly dosing do to lower SHBG.

You really want to try every thing from micro dosing to dose reduction before getting on ai. Stuff is for life and many guys don’t like it. Once they come off they love the way they feel. Better.

Some guys take a small bit of ai and they are fine. Pick your route and stick to it.

Problem with ai is finding the right dose and praying to god your not dropping your e2 to low. Low e2 is death. Don’t want it.

So do your best unless you are experiencing debilitating sides.

Get a private doc. This endo stuff is just a waste of time.

You need anastrozole and as fast as you can get it before you have to spend 6000 to 8000 dollars on gyno surgery. I am not kidding man don’t fuck around with these other silly suggestions being posted. Get that dam E2 down into the low 30s or get the hell off the T.

Forgot to add that ai is a good idea to stop the gyno. I forgot the name another doc suggested the other day but there is more than one ai. I would look at them.

Looks like this guy above caught it and sorry I didn’t read your full post bud.

Thanks for the info guys.

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Just got some more results for day 3 on weekly injections.

Test Total 550
Test Free 7

Looks like I’m a high SHGB guy. What does that mean?

Looks like you’ll need more Total T to overcome high SHBG and increase Free T. 500 isn’t going to cut it unless you are a low SHBG guy like myself who has Free T high normal at 500.

Again your levels are not stable yet and levels will be a little higher in 3 weeks. I seriously doubt 100mg will be enough, more like 140-160mg. That Free T needs to turn into a 20-26 pg/mL which is the optimal range.

How far you want estrogen to drop will be determined by how frequently you chose to inject, more frequently, the better.