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Latest Labs. Should I Reduce T Dose Again?


I'll try to make this short and sweet. I've been on trt for 9 months. Feeling great, all is going well. So I was getting my labs done at a location convenient to my office because halfway between injections puts me around noon on Friday's. This lab did was not a labcorp or a quest and did not use either sensitive or ultra sensitive E2 testing methods. However, since I was feeling great, I wasn't too concerned. A few months ago my E2 came back 39, so I increased my adex using @KSman's formula. I used theta new protocol for two months and decided to re test. This time I choose a Quest lab and ordered the ultra sensitive E2 test. I got the results today and the E2 was 8! FUCK! Obviously, the regular E2 tests I was having sucked. Turns out I have to screw with my protocol again.

So...lesson learned. Use the right lab and order the right tests!

BTW, my TT and FT are still high even though I reduced my dose to 60mg of T cyp E3.5D.

TT 1261 (250-1100 ng/dl)
FT 268.9 (35.0-155.0 pg/ml)

What are your thoughts on whether or not I should reduce my T dose again? Thanks...


It's really your choice. I would say to definitely lower your T dose if hematocrit was high or if your e2 was high. Since those aren't the cases, its your choice. It may be simpler for new ai calculation dose sake to leave your T dose the same to avoid manipulating two variables at once. You could make the changes altogether but the math would be a little more complex andnyoud want to then get a couple rounds of blood done in a month.

Your timing is funny because I recently had labs done as well with similar results; total T around 1200 but FT around 320 pg/ml with e2 at 13.

That 13 was achieved through 50 mg test cyp EOD and 1/4 mg adex EOD too. It resulted in low level depression, apathy and wanting to sleep all the time.

New AI dose is 1/6 mg. What's irritating is I was at 1/6th mg but increased my dose to 1/4 incorrectly based on how I was feeling. Estrogen just cannot be managed well intuitively.


Thanks for the response. I agree, I'm only going to reduce the AI for now. Like you, I began to notice some moodiness, sluggishness, loss of desire at the gym. However, libido and morning wood were still good. So for me, libido isn't a perfect indicator. I'm going to skip the AI altogether for a week. Then resume at 0.25mg twice per week. I'll retest in a month or so depending on how I feel. I only tested TT, FT and E2. I have a physical scheduled for late December. I'll run the full panel then. As long as my HCT is good, I won't mess with my T dose.


You should be feeling the effects of a E2 change by now. Any observations?


I have the same problem. AIs drop my E like crazy. I'm constantly changing my protocol because my E2 is hard to manage.


I am feeling better. Thanks for asking. I will resume the Adex at 0.25mg with my T shot on Sunday. I will take a total of 0.6mg/week and go from there.