Latest Labs Not at All What I Expected

If you’ve seen my recent threads, I’ve been battling with some libido issues (primarily) and have had issues reaching orgasm.

Well, the night before this test, I took three Cialis in about 24-48 hours, went limp during sex, and was barely thinking about it at all either. Been on 150mg/week lately, after having my last blood test come back on the high side.

Before I spill the beans, here are 2 other results I had while on 150mg/week:
Sept 2019: ~720 TT/30 FT/30 E2 (11am)
Dec 2019: ~980 TT/45 FT/40 E2 (8-9am)

The only big difference here was doing the test around 1pm instead of my usual morning tests. But I didn’t think T cyp metabolized this quickly!

TT: 602
FT: 14.9
E2: 24
Prolactin: 25.7 (which likely means I’m at around 8 with macroprolactin removed, usually about 70% for me)
IGF1: 190 (dr was concerned as last tests showed it way too high)

Is my body burning up T cyp that quickly? Any other thoughts? Doctor is pleased that I now have “normal” T levels but honestly I felt better around 800 (but worse over 1000).

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