Latest Labs Following 3 Months 'Cleanse'

This isn’t a dose, it’s a volume. What’s the MG concentration of your test? 100, 200, 250?m

Edit: also, are you taking anything to lower your e2? It doesn’t seem to raise as your TT does, and could contribute to your issues

That was 250mg Enanthate per 1ml, so around 160mg actual test for the actual 0.9ml.

Back then I was taking 6.5mg Aromasin every 2 days, stopped using it after this test.

Further thoughts, if I try again with the Sustanon, I won’t use HCG next time, don’t need it for fertility, family was complete long ago and also I’m not convinced it maintained testicular volume while I was on it, they still shrunk a little bit.

Absolutely zero side effects from the HCG or Aromasin by the way

Ah yeah ok that makes sense. I thought you were on a lower dose for some reason, might be getting my threads mixed up. Anyway, Maybe a trial without the AI if you want to do this again

Definitely without that AI👍

It seems you did try a lot of things but always with an AI or HCG. Even with high SHBG I feel better on daily injections than less frequent ones. Also keep in mind your SHBG will typically drop with the use of exogenous Test. While I started with SHBG at 80, it’s now at 35-40.

If you try again, I would start a low dose with daily or EOD injections. Something like 14-16mg/day Test E/C, no AI no HCG (a lot of men don’t feel good on HCG, it also makes you aromatize more). Stay on that for 8 weeks, keep a log of how you feel and run blood tests at the end. Then go up in dosage if you don’t feel quite there, etc…

It’s possible though if you never felt great on TRT that something just isn’t working. I don’t believe everyone can feel amazing on Test, but it might be worth giving it another shot (no pun intended) with this kind of protocol.

Thanks for your careful thoughts disciplined and everyone else that’s commented, much appreciated :+1:

I’ve learned so much listening to other people’s experience, the big thing I’m hearing is that reaching that sweet spot takes time and patience, it could take several months, even yrs to get there. Changing stuff regularly just doesn’t work and ends up in confusion, been there, done it myself.

If im going to have to rely on TRT for the next 30 plus yrs? One thing that’s crystallized in my mind is that I don’t want to be thinking about it all of the time, a ‘fit and forget’ protocol is what I need.

For me that means infrequent pins, 14 - 21 days ideally, achieved with a longer ester as the base compound (nebido) may be stacked with some Sustanon for some variability within that timeframe. I have worked out what that might look like on a coloured graph by calculating the half lives and effect of top up doses over time, in theory it looks good! Wish I could share it with you but not sure how.

No AI and no HCG either this time, give my body plenty of time to adjust and don’t over think what’s going on.

If the infrequent pins prove not not be effective then that’s me out of the game I’m afraid, I will have to put up with ‘functioning’ levels of natural T and just accept that’s how it is.

So, im goingto give it one more go, starting tomorrow with 1ml Sust, then another 1ml in 7 days. After this initial loading, 2 x at every 10 days and then every 14 days thereafter.

Bloods in 6 weeks when it should have stabilised (according to my graph!) and then again at 12 weeks.

Let’s give it a go :+1:

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I totally understand, the constant protocol optimization takes a lot of energy and can be really tiring over time.

My guess is that in a few years/decades, the tech that dispenses hormones will be a lot more advanced and we won’t have to inject all the time with insulin pins and shoot in the dark for years sometimes before finding our sweet spot.

Good luck with your new protocol, I hope it works out for you.

Thanks Buddy👍

Just to give perspective from someone who does daily injection, to me it is a “fit and forget protocol”. It has become part of my morning routine and don’t really have to think about it and levels are stable. I know it sounds burdensome and possibly daunting to have to inject daily but it becomes habit. I personally would be thinking about it more if I was on a different protocol trying to remember the correct days to inject, so I get your idea of “fit and forget”. Daily works for me in that sense.

All good if that doesn’t fit in what you want in a protocol, but wanted share my perspective for possibly something to think about.

Thanks rise 80, hats off to you for doing that every day, I’m disciplined enough to do it too but just don’t want to long term, that’s just me.

I set reminders on my phone for the intervals but unlikely to forget anyway on a routine 14 day schedule, always a Saturday morning do me.

I’m intruiged to see if not taking HCG this time makes any difference. I had no reaction to it last time, good or bad.

Understandable. Hope all works out with your new protocol.

Hi beez, Reading these wishes for your future you might consider having T pellets installed. They last for somewhere from 2-6 months. But you need a very good doc who can taylor your dose. With your super high SHGB you should be able to tolerate a high E2 with no bad side effects. Your SHGB will bind your Free E2 and you will just piss it out. So no AI required. As for HCG I would keep some around if you develop a low ball ache that is what I get then HCG fixes it. Usually two 400IU shots for one week and I am good.

So that is the T replacement protocol I’d suggest but there is another way.

The Dark side of the force young padawan, haha. Your natural T production is awesome. Above average. Your only problem is your SHGB is way too high. The fastest way to drop your SHGB is to do a 6-8 week T cycle then PCT back to naddy.
My naddy SHGB was 36 on TRT for 7 years my SHGB dropped to 26. For the last 3 years I blast twice a year and my SHGB is now 16. My Free T on my TRT dose of 100mg/wk is over range.
Just something to think about but not in the T replacement forum. You will get far better advice on the darkside in the pharma forum. What ever you choose I wish you only the best. You are not a broken ball TRT candidate IMO.

To those who happen to notice my E2 so over ranged on just 100mg/w Tcyp well that is what a SHGB of 15 will do for you. My doc said Oh! at 100mg/wk you should not need anastrozole. Needless to say after this blood test last week I am back on .25mg/wk.
Everybody’s different no one protocol works for everyone. You must keep an open mind.

Morning, wierd isn’t it, although my natural T levels look ok on paper that’s not how I feel!

I took my 1st shot of Sustanon 250 (1ml) last Saturday and after only 4 days im already beginning to feel the benefits! Love this ester mix :blush:

E2 absolutely doesn’t bother me, it’s been on the high side in the past when on TRT and looking back, those were the times I probably felt the best. T levels were correspondingly strong too though.

The pellet route is certainly an option, thanks for mentioning that. I’ve looked into that in the past, its very expensive in the UK, not available on the NHS or private medical insurance, I checked.

SHBG will come down a bit with the TRT protocol, let’s see what the next set of bloods say, I was thinking 6 weeks in?

I’ve got some HCG here and Clomid, both of which i plan to leave alone unless I decide to stop again. Having said that, don’t want my balls to shrink too much so might do a bit of HCG if they are going South too quickly🤨
Don’t need it for fertility anymore.

Finding this forum and listening to everyone’s experiences has been amazing, I’m much more comfortable starting out again knowing you Guys are around to help with any issues.

Good health Everyone :+1:

Just got my labs back at 7 weeks into 250mg Sustanon every 10 days but the free T calc is missing, report says ‘unable to calculate’

Why would they say that and is it possible to assess myself from the Total T/Prolactin and SHBG values?

Test results and Lab ranges below, this is all I had done this time.

Albumin 50 (34 - 50)
SHBG 36 (19 - 83)
Estradiol 113 ( 《192 )
Total Test 26.9 (7.6 - 31.4)
Free Androgen index 74.7 (24 - 104)
Prolactin 241 ( 86 - 324)
DHEA sulphate 7.3 (0 44 - 13.4)



Labs got back to me with Free test values, look good at 12 days nadir?

0.535 ( range 0.16 - 0.47)

That is a very good blood test. Looks like you are dialed in. Good job.

Thanks hrdlvn, I’m happy with that too and feel good on it.

I thought I would be able to get away with longer intervals between doses and that’s proved to be the case. Will extend it to 14 days now and stick with that :+1: