Latest Lab Results Question

Been on TRT for 3 years now. My current protocol is 80MG injected twice weekly and .5Mg anastrozole 24hrs post injection.
Im concerned about my SHBG and wondering if I should switch to EOD injections.
Ive noticed a loss of strength in the gym lately. Sex drive is still off the charts.
48yrs old
TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL,950 H 250-827 ng/dL
Free Testosterone-28.4 ng/dL
Bioavailable Testosterone-696 ng/dL

Your SHBG is the same as mine and it wasn’t until I made the switch to EOD that thing really start improving, your excreting most of your T into your urine. I was originally put on weekly injections which had low effectiveness, moved to twice weekly and things got a better, then went EOD and wow what a difference! Only been doing EOD for 5 weeks and already noticing massive improvements long before I’ve reached a steady state as my T levels are still in flux. I notice sometimes I have more strength on and off as my muscles are getting harder without any exercise whatsoever, they seem on the verge of cramping as if I had been to the gym lately. In which direction is your sex drive off the charts, north or south?

North, sorry. I can go at the drop of a hat.
I started at every 2 weeks on injections, then went with a new clinic that allows self administered, so I went with every week, then down to twice weekly.
Im going to go with EOD I guess and see how it works.