Latest Lab Results Interpretation?

Feeling really good on TRT. Just got my Lab results back took them at week 13. Some things concern me.

This is from Lab Corp.

Hemocrit 49 Range 37.5- 51
Hemogoblin 16
Total T day of next shot ( did not take shot) 1127 range 261-916
Free T 30 range 8.7- 25.1
Estradiol sensitive 31 Range 8-35
PSA .5

Things that concern me.

Cholesterol 207 Range 100-199
HDL 60 Range greater than 39
LDL 127 Range 0-99
ALT 50 Range 0-44
AST 43 Range 0-40

I have always had perfect cholesterol and never had elevated liver enzymes. Is this something I should be concerned about right now. I was 6 days removed from our beach vacation where we pretty much partied and drank most of the day and night on the beach and ate like pigs ? Is it possible from one week to see these levels so high ? Thanks for any help.

Had you worked out before this blood was taken? Also, I wouldnt consider that cholesterol alarming. Were you fasted for the blood draw?

I had the blood drawn in the morning after a pretty intense workout. I has the blood drawn at 8 and did not eat since 8 pm.

Well I still wouldnt worry about the cholesterol. A blood draw after an intense workout will reveal high ALT and AST so I wouldnt be too concerned, Ive seen it on my own bloods and also other forum members here. If it is really concerning you then have another draw a few days after a workout. ALT and ALS can stay elevated for up to 7 days but I think they do drop off fairly quickly over the first couple of days (but Im not a doctor).

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One more question prior to TRT my estradiol was 30… my latest blood shows 31. I have never taken an AI ? Shouldn’t this have gone up ???

Im going to guess you are pretty lean? If so you wont be releasing much aromatase enzyme that converts T to E. You have high SHBG which binds to androgens and estrogens as well.

NH yes I am pretty lean. I am grateful I never downed an AI !

Yeah steer clear. Pretty unnecessary unless you are genetically prone to gynocomastia.

One more thing I just noticed. I was at 2 something with my TSH prior to TRT and on this lab result am at 4.2. Is it normal for TSH to spike when starting TRT ?

My TSH spiked from 0.6–>0.9 after starting TRT because demand on thyroid went up. Your thyroid can’t handle demand as optimal testosterone levels attempts to restore metabolic rates.

How often are you injecting? What is the dosage?

The cholesterol(not a huge worry at those numbers) and liver enzymes I think would be obviously from your vacation.

Everything else looks ok except for the SHBG which can be manipulated by dosage frequency.

Osu i inject twice a week. 80mg Monday morning and 80 Thursday afternoon.

Yes, it is. I wouldn’t worry about anything.

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