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Latest LA Ink Episode


Anyone catch last night's episode? I'm officially done watching that show after last night. I've been a big fan of tattooing shows since Miami Ink, but Kat and the rest are a bunch of assholes. They treat Aubry like she's not even human. Now, personally, I think Kat should have fired Aubry as soon as it became apparent that she wasn't going to work out.

That would have been mature though, and from what I've seen Kat is not that. Then there's the Pauly incident. I mean the guy asked for a job...she told him she would hire him (with her eyes down and pouting like a child)...and gave him work (3 tattoos). So this poor bastard, who happened to meet Aubry (and she suggested him working at LA Ink), thinks he has a job and moves from coast to coast for his new job.

Then she stops giving him work and unlike a real boss, she doesn't even have the decency to pull him to the side and explain, instead he's just left hanging.

The clincher is the back piece he did that was amazing work (mary, jesus, st. peter) and then corey says that he was an amateur amongst prizefighters and that he got an oppurtunity just by being hired. Not much of an oppurtunity though, since he's new in a big city and Kat won't let him do walkins. The La Ink crew are talented, but outside of Kat's portraits, they don't rise above the sort of talent that can be found all over the country.

Anyway, just ranting to see if others saw the show. I just hate seeing people treated like that and definitely won't be supporting the show in the future.


all reality shows are scripted


And then some. First off, few to no shops do any sizeable piece as a "walk in". All of walk in work is small pieces done with existing flash and they cut a stencil in 2 minutes for it. I've never seen an artist turn around art work in a matter of minutes, it takes a week if you're extremely lucky.

I have been following the show off and on and missed last week's episode. What Aubry is doing there is a mystery. Any apprentice or helper is put to WORK making appointments, cleaning, ordering supplies, etc.

The show is nothing more that a clone of Miami Ink. My brother was in the Miami area and stopped in for a tattoo. None of the regulars were there except for Yoji, who I wouldn't let ink identification in my dog's ear. He had some other atrist that works there do his work, which was great quality.



Aubry is the dumbest piece of shit i've ever seen on tv. I do believe Kat hired her as a favor to her brother, and if she's not keeping her on for the tv drama, then i think it's for her brother. Aubry can't handle what seems to be a very simple job. do you really think Kat should hold her hand until she figures her job out?

Pauly is also a dumb piece of shit. he was looking for a job in LA, so i don't think it falls on Kat that he moved. you also forget that Pauly was going to misspell one of his tats. i also think he fails to represent a good image for the shop.

do you really expect someone who celebrates being 2 years sober to be a good boss? at least she's hot.


exactly , these shows have totally skewed the perception of the tattoo craft, i spend alot of time around the shops and have alot of friends in the business. They all say the same things, morons walk in and get all confused when they realize they can't just sit down and get a sleeve in the afternoon. On top of that while i think the outcome looks nice, peel and stick tattoo is not art. a well done full custom sleeve is a year long endeavor with proper healing time.


I have a half sleeve that took 14 hours of chair time over a month long time for proper healing. This type of expectation of a "walk in" is what is rampant in all society. NO ONE has time to wait for anything it has to be now, right now. Like that Simpson episode where Moe gets the deep fryer that can fry a whole cow in 15 secs and Homer whines "but I want it now".