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Latest Flex Mag

You guys should really go an pickup the latest form the “Meat-Heads” at Flex magazine. First of all, there is a great spread of the ladies of fitness in their nighties. Most importantly though, they take pot-shots at the core lifts that we of the T-Nation live, sweat and grow by. Granted the gentleman writting the artical does have some positive insight, but they give some of the pussy alternatives to their “No-No” workout list.
I think this is deserving of the loyalist of these workouts to take a shot at Flex.

Lets Hear from All of YA!

The Gord

I wouldn’t even bother with that crap.

I’ll read the other mags once they start putting in fully nude photos of their fitness women. Until they “show me the pussy,” I’m not interested.

I prefer internet porn.