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Latest CLA thinking

What is the latest thinking about the benefits and use of CLA?

I read the articles and some posts but they are more than a year old.

I am at ~26% body fat (mostly abdominal) and wanted to start losing some fat while trying to keep the muscle so I could start gaining again in early '04.

I am going to start t-Dawg 2 this week and wanted to make sure I had all the right supplements.

I bought some ALA (I will buy r-ALA when these run out), I have flax seed oil and fish oil caps, and was thinking of CLA (hence my question).

I might buy Hot Rox and/or use a ECA-type stack because because I want to make sure I can keep lifting (I tried going 0 carbs, but I felt like shit for those 2 days and decided to do T-Dawg 2).

Any advise?

Thanks, Rene’

BTW, although it is a post about “cutting”, I am doing it so I can ultimately start gaining again without my gut getting bigger than my shoulders.

At 26% bodyfat, I’d put off on the CLA because I think the cost-to-benefit ratio just isn’t going to be worth it. A dialed in diet is gonna provide you with the results you’ll want and save you money (well…good food is damn expensive, but still less than supps).

skip the CLA and try hotrox. You will be quite pleased. CLA is not going to create dramatic changes. Hotrox will. And CLA is expensive. Your other supplements look good. I have recently shed 5lbs of fat while on a low carb diet in 2weeks. Try using creatine if you start feeling too flat or weak on a low carb diet. Good luck

How does Cretine make you feel better (i.e. with more energy?).

Is Power Drive recommended on a low carb diet?

Thanks, Rene’

I am coming off the the T-dawg diet and if your looking for training programs I found Staley’s EDT Keep the Strength Lose the Fat program to be effective(t238 I think) and also Mahler’s High Octane Cardio (t244?), Davies Fat to Fire would also be a good one and if your really lookin to cook some fat try Alessi’s Meltdown, though I admit I couldn’t finish it…anyway good nutrition and exercise are your keys but Hot Rox can definitely help.

Agreed. The proper diet plus the Hotrox will give you what you’re looking for. Whatever benefits CLA might give you are not worth what that crap costs. After you pay for all the good, clean food you’ll need (especially protein) you’ll thank yourself for saving the money from the CLA. Good luck.

If you’re going to pay for clean protein anyway, you might as well pick up some grass-finished beef. Unlike grain fed beef, it has a better omega-3/6 ratio and contains the CLA you want. Checkout grasslandbeef.com for more info.

At over $25/pound for NY Strip, wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy regular Angus, a bottle of CLA and flax seed oil and fish oil caps?

For $25/pound they better be delivered by the Olson Twins!