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Hi guys
So as my previous posts exolain I’ve been on trt since around start of the year using reandron 1000 which just didn’t give me the results I was hoping for . The doc changed the injection to every 6 weeks and my levels at the end of the time before next injection were around the 14-17 nmol/L. I still felt crappy and asked to change to a different compound after reading up a lot about the reandron (nebido in the USA) and others not getting good results with it .

The doc agreed and put me on primotestin (test e) 250mg /1ml injections meant to be every 2 weeks but I told doc at a minimum I wanted to inject .5ml per week and he was happy . The box comes with 3 preloaded syringes with 1ml in each and a frigging horse needle which I did not use ! The doc was worried about infection and told me to inject half and throw the rest out but I’m a tight arse and bought some sterile vials off ebay and transferred the test into one of them for now.

So after 7 weeks of test e .5ml (125mg) per week I feel great and have lost close to 10kg of weight (fat)
Friday Last week I had my blood tests done and got the results today , was quite surprised at the time level as blood test was done on the day before next injection (Saturdays)
I’ll post up results for opinions as doc now wants me to consult with a colleague of his as he freaked out about the numbers.
My E is also higher than last time which is understandable and I take no AI .
Appreciate any direction I should take , by the way at this level I feel like my old self again , lots of positive changes and sense of wellbeing is the best it’s been in a very long time, misses isn’t complaining either :blush:

Im glad to hear your feeling well. Not sure how that could be with your E2’levels? Seems pretty obvious to me that you need to get that estradiol level down! This will require an AI. Your T level is also very high, so just reducing your dose will drop your E2 a little. Not enough to negate an AI, but at least a little.

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Yeah it’s strange , sorry for the TMI but it’s like being 18 again with frequent unexpected erections which I never saw on reandron. I was surprised by the results as I didn’t think I’d be that high in T and E just knew I was feeling better.
Hopefully the appointment goes well tomorrow and I can walk away happy that the new doc co-operates with me .
I’m thinking I’ll should drop the dose to 100mg per week and see where I’m at .

I’m not a big fan of changing things without a real reason. You need labs to guide you otherwise your never going to get things in cruise control. Having said that, I think reducing your dose to 100mg is prudent. Get those labs and get on the right dose of AI and you’ll be happy.

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Well that visit didn’t go down too well, supposed doctor that specialises in trt has told me to stop the weekly injections as its not good and he wants me to change to having the 250mg primotestin every 4-6 weeks . I laughed at him and said you must be joking !

Tried to explain that I’d rather lower my weekly dose and recheck bloods again in a month , he thinks there’s no evidence to back up more frequent injections instead of 1 single in the dosage time frame, make any difference whatsoever.

He then pulls out a book and proceeds to show me the literature on test e and dosage/intervals which backed up his statement of every 4-6 weeks in the maintenance phase but the book was made in 2001!.
Then I ask about the estrogen levels being high and what his thoughts are about it , his reply was it’s high and would like to see it lower , so I ask is there anything I can take to lower it and his reply was no you just need to dose every 4-6 weeks .

I asked him why I would I go from reandron every 6 weeks, then go to a much shorter ester with less testosterone every 6 weeks and he just kept referring to the book .

I then asked him if he actually specialises in trt and he said he used to have a few patients that he treated but as the guidelines changed he can no longer prescribe trt, so I then proceeded to tell him to stop reading your outdated book and have a look at the wealth of information regarding better trt protocols and more frequent injecting giving much better results. He didn’t really like that .

So guess it’s time to start looking for a new doctor that’s switched on with trt .

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So after having a good think about what to do next I decided to go back to the original doctor who I dealt with to get on trt .

He was always happy to listen and actually gave a shit , the only reason I stopped going to him was because I moved and he’s now an hour away . So today I drove the hour and spoke with him about everything and even he agreed the doctor I spoke to earlier in the day was out of touch and attempting to put me on a doomed protocol.

So he’s happy for me to continue weekly injections and even agreed to let me try e3.5 days to see if the E lowers over the next 4 weeks before next lot of bloods.

Only negative I took away from the visit was he’s not up to speed on AI’S and was more interested in lowering estrogen through dosage .

During the conversation I brought up arimidex and aromasin and he said he’d have a look into them , and if my E levels were Still high in 4 weeks we would talk about it then.

What is the usual dosage for arimidex? I’m thinking everyone is different and it’s not a one size fits all .

Around here, most use 1mg of Adex for 100mg of T cyp in divided doses. Pill is easy to cut in half.

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If you read the stickies that I suggested, you know what to fight for.

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So unexpectedly I got a phone call today from the doctors office I had trouble with yesterday asking me to come in to see the doctor again .

So turns out he called my endocrinologist to consult with him about my case and the endo set him straight regarding the injections , told him that every 4-6 weeks for test e 250mg was not correct and said he wants me to start doing 250mg every 2 weeks , WTF !

I explained I’m already taking 125mg every week so what’s the difference , his answer was because you’re taking it weekly you’re getting too much .

He then went on to tell me that the reason 250mg per 2 weeks is better because at the start there is a big spike in testosterone and your body consumes it faster giving you steady levels until the next injection . I SHIT YOU NOT .

I asked how will this affect estrogen in the peak compared to more frequent injections and he said it doesn’t, I then asked for a piece of paper and drew a very rough graph of what a single shot looks like over two weeks compared to 2 shots in 2 weeks and he turned around and said " on paper it looks good but in reality it’s now how it works in your body " .

So in summary I told him I will be dropping the dose to 100mg per week and if he wasn’t happy to go back and argue about it with my endo , he just turned around and said ok it should be fine .

Still dead set against prescribing me arimidex and apparently the endo said not to as well , so looks like I’m gonna source some myself .

I seriously can’t believe what’s gone on the last couple of days , doesn’t give me much faith in doctors to use their brain and common sense instead of practicing what they read in an outdated book . Either way I’ll be driving the hour to see my original doctor .

Oh and the reason for not prescribing arimidex is because he said I’ll end up with osteoporosis and he’s looking out for me .