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Latest Blood Results, What's Your Take?


50 years old,never feel horny,feel emotional like I want to cry often.I am on 10g of testogel.
Testosterone 18.7 nmol/l(range 10 to 29)
Prolactin 369 mU/l range<351
Oestradiol 183 pmol/l range<151
FSH <1.0 u/l range 1.0 to 12.0
LH <1.0 u/l range 2.0 to 9.0
TSH 4.1 mU/l range 0.3 to 5.5(was 3.7 in June of this year)Body temp usually between 35.0 to 36.0
Due to see Endo in December,last saw Endo in August 2009


Already commented on this over at meso...
With hypothyroidism is also can result in hyperprolactemia.
With elevated prolactin levels it would be advisible to get MRI to rule out pituitary tumor
TSH >1.5 needs to be further investifgatied for hypothyroidism
estrodial is improper testing should be sensitive testing not ultrasensitive or roche
LH is useless on TRT
When on HRT when levels reach proper levels then adrenal or thyroid imbalances can be revealed.
you are missing valuable tests as vitamin D, vap, CBC, CMP, dhea-s, dht, progesterone,

Find a good dr that treats by symptoms and not by numbers..
more indept thyroid testing such as ft3 ft4, total t4 total t3, reverse t3, tpo tgab, ferritin are also checked


Some convert too much of T applied to their skin to estradiol. Your E2 levels are out of control, killing your energy, libido and mental health. High prolactin lead to depression. You may need cabergoline.

Switch to:
SELF injections of testosterone cypionate or ethanate, 100mg/week, injected at least twice per week, perferrably every other day [EOD]. Do not inject once a week or every too weeks, that promotes higher E2 levels.

Read the protocol for injections sticky.
Read the finding a TRT doc sticky.

Where are you located? We might be of better help.

Endo's are often very incompetent, and urologists are much the same.

You have a lot of self study do do.