Latest Blood Results: Test Down from 52 nmol/L to 8.7 nmol/L

Hi Guys.
New to the forum.
I am a 41 year old man.
I had a blood test back in December at the end of a 16 week text / tren cycle. All my levels were fine apart from my test result which came back at 52 nmol/L.
I have been cruising at 250mg for the last 8 weeks.
I had another blood text 2 weeks ago as I felt my libido had dropped.
All my results came back normal apart from my test levels which came in at 8.7 nmol/L which is just above the norm for a man of my age.
This is a surprise as I would have thought the 250mg per week would have shown a lot higher test levels.
Other than the test I have been running for the last 8 weeks being fake could there be any other factors which could account for such a drop in levels?

Can you post the ranges for your labs? Did your labs include E2?

Sorry can you please elaborate on ranges?

I had a Serum sex hormone binding globulin test and can in at level 44 nmol/L
Serum LH level 1.8 u/L
Serum follicle stimulating hormone level 1.4 u/L

This was on my test report
Specimen Reference#: 1
Collected: 10 Mar 2017
Received: 10 Mar 2017
Provider Sample ID: 0001706900223

Pathology Investigations

Serum testosterone level 8.7 nmol/L [8.6 - 29.0]
LH, FSH and SHBG have been added to this request, results to follow.
Males Age 7 - 18 years:
Tanner Stage Median 5 - 95th percentiles (nmol/L)
1 < 0.09
2 0.09-14.99
3 2.25-26.99
4 6.25-26.48
5 6.52-30.61
Females Age 7 - 18 years:
Tanner Stage Median 5-95th percentiles (nmol/L)
1 < 0.09-0.021
2 < 0.09-0.36
3 < 0.09-0.82
4 < 0.09-0.93
5 0.16-1.33

The ranges (in bold), like your Serum line “Serum testosterone level 8.7 nmol/L [8.6 - 29.0]

so my range was [8.6 - 29.0]?? and by levels were at 8.7 which is just above the lower end.
This would indicate 250mg test a week is either under dosed or fake?

That would be what I thought. How long after your last injection did you get labs? I was on 250mg cyp once a week and after several weeks, I had 894 (350-1143).

Finished my last cycle 250mg test and 250mg tren 8 weeks ago
I have been injecting 250mg test enanthate for the last 7 weeks.
Blood test was at the beginning of March. Results came through 2 weeks ago although the docs failed to tell me

Sounds like bad gear to me.

Maybe someone else might know something different.