Latest AdapNation Podcast: Glycine Post-Workout?


I really enjoyed the latest AdapNation podcast about optimizing neurotransmitter and supplement peri-workout.

I had a unresolved questions, you may clear for me and other readers.

About glycine post-workout, should I mix it with my Mag-10 or take after Mag-10?

Sorry for bad english, thank you verry much.

take glycine first and mag-10 15-20 min later

Thank you very much, I will try this for a month.


Do you use glycine sublingual or mixed in water?

Aside from glycine, do you use Power Drive post workout knowing more about neurotransmitters? Is it a good idea mix Power Drive with Mag-10 pwo?

I prefer to use Power Drive pre-workout. It can potentially help recovery by increase dopamine production BUT, and this is what I didn’t know way back when, is that you actually don’t want to keep the CNS amped up too much after the session.

So it’s Power Drive 30 min pre-workout and glycine PWO. Mag-10 should be consumed about 15 min after the glycine.

Being Power Drive a bit fatty, could interfere with Plazma digestión during the workout?

Not at all, it’s not significant. Still take Power Drive 15-20 min prior Plazma but mostly for Power Drive to get working not because of a negative interaction


You mentioned in your podcasts lions mane great for all neurotypes, and I see could had its place postworkout without the effects like Power Drive. Do you like it? How is the best way to use Lions mane according your experience?