Lateral Tri - head

Guys, I need someone’s help…I have been training seriously for a few years now and have had the personal transformation I have always wanted. But like all obsessed lifters I am not content. My problem is the Lateral head of my triceps, assuming my anatomy is correct. (The lateral head head is the head most visible from the front, right?) Anyway, I cannot get this head to grow. It is downright pissing me off b/c the result is an arm that looks big from the side and pathetic from the front. Does anybody struggle with the same problem or has any suggestions? I have done the usual exercises and training protocols…I have used periodization and have done close-grips, dips, extensions, and all the variations throughout the years. What the hell could be the problem? I really appreciate the feedback.

I would guess your situation is mostly due to genetics and there’s not much you can do to change that. I’m also gonna guess that some might say you are overtraining the lateral head because it gets hit when you bench and do any kind of shoulder pressing movements. I disagree with that. I would focus on movements where you use an overhand grip: push-downs, skull-crushers (the “california” version is great), close-grip bench(try the explosive JM Press), and french press. You might want to try something drastic like doing a great-guns type workout where you throw three of these movements into one giant set and really crank up the volume.

Try cable pushdowns with a rope grip. Twist forearms to ‘palms down’ at the bottom, spread the grips, and hold. Should hit them directly.

I agree with Rosheem - it’s probably a genetic thing. But you said you’ve only been training for a few years - keep working for another seven or so and see if you aren’t happy with how your triceps have come along. Remember, if it were easy to get the body you want, everyone would be jacked.

Do 'skullcrushers" on a decline bench. That exercise hits all 3 heads the hardest.

I’ve done all those exercises for years also and I only had mediocre results until recently. Go back and read Dave Tate’s article “Bench Press 600 Pounds”. There are 2 unique movements in there for tris, one for the long head and one for the short (the one you want). Buy the rubber bands-I got mine from jumpstretch- and use them on this and flat bench. Train bench like Dave Tate says and you won’t be dissapointed. Be prepared! Those rubber bands will kick your ass, so don’t overtrain. Also, ever see a powerlifter with weak tris? Use heavy weight, low reps, and Dave Tate’s advice. Have fun.-Greg

Try reverse grip benches and switch around w/grip width and angle (i.e decline)

first there is probably gonna be no change no matter what you do (genetics!) but elbow position is all that matters for tri head acctivity. if your arms are overhead the long head gets the most “work” if your elbows are at your side the lateral head gets the most “work” so if you wanna try use exercises that keep your elbows close to your side and don’t worry about overhand,hammer,or underhand grips. pushdowns and decline extentions will “work” it the most but I don’t think you will ever see any difference. peace

One other point, if you’re mainly worried about looks. Try training your brachialis (with hammer curls, Zottman curls, etc.) more. Since this muscle is also on the outside of the upper arm, it might help balance you out a bit.