Lateral Thigh Pain

I’ve been experiencing lateral thigh pain for the past few years now. I’ve been training for about 25 years, I’m almost 36, and I’ve trained quite ballistically for a long time. I do explosive sprints, explosive squats, and just about everything else explosively. Most likely it’s my iliotibial band. it gets so tight sometimes I can barely go up and down stairs. I don’t feel much pain in my knee, it’s more in the lateral thigh. Sometimes if I straighten my leg really hard I can feel a cracking sensation in that area and it hurts. I’ve been rolling that area with a foam roller. Taking time off from ballistic work usually results in the disappearance of the pain. Basically I’m answering all my own questions here, but I’d just like feedback from other people who’ve had this issue, and maybe some other at-home remedies others have discovered.