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Lateral strength training?

Can anyone point me to some good lateral strength builders?
I realy feel that all my excerize and training are one-dimensional(forward/backward)

staley and others point to it as an injury prevention priority in sports like football, soccer or even basketball.

overhead walks sideways? I tried and nearly fell over. racked barbell walk sideways? side lounge?



More clearly define what you mean by “lateral strength”, please.

Ok I will try with my broken english
A. push sideways when blocking out for a rebound in basketball.
B. explode lateraly as a running back - change directions recieve lateral blows.
C. jump sideways?

anyway consider the squat is a forward backword exersize, the snatch’ almost every excersize I can think of but the saxon side bend or the woodchopor the aductor machine/cable raise.

am I clear enough if not I will think about it more


Plyometrics off of a slant board.

which means?

no idea what a slant board is.

you should like into plyometric training. i would also think that side lunges would benefit you somewhat. another good idea would be to incorporate ab exercises that invole a lot of twisting and turning. read ct’s “ab training for athletes and babehounds.”


A. Ian King’s reverse barbell corner ‘woodchoppers’.

B. Anything that works calves and hip adductors. Say, one-legged squats.

C. Same as above.

I’m stepping out on a limb here. I’ve never applied B/C to lateral movements before.