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Lateral release?

Has anyone had a lateral release on their knee. Results, recommendations, recovery? Need valued opinions.

I had one in '92. It’s not a lot of fun, but it’s not as bad as something like the ACL reconstructions that several of my friends have had. The one thing that I can’t stress enough is to MAKE your doctor refer you to a Physical Therapist for rehab. My orthopedic surgeon gave me a little pamphlet with three or four exercises on it and called it good enough. It probably would have been for most patients, since most of them aren’t physically active. Luckily for me, I was in college at the time and one of my friends was studying to be an athletic trainer. He took over my rehab and beat the shit out of me, and made me beat the shit out of myself, on a regular basis for several months. It really sucked at the time, but I don’t think I would have ever made it back to 100% just doing the exercises that the surgeon gave me.

Why are you having it? I used to have problems with my knee cap not tracking right and resulting problems of “arthritis” (chondromalacia). If your problem is simliar perhaps strengthening your medial quads and getting your “ilio tibial band” to loosen/relax might help. use surgery as a last resort. Anyone who knows ART in your area?