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Lateral Raises Rep Range?

Just a quick question, what rep range should I use on lateral raises for bodybuilding purposes? Just regular 6-12? Any point in going lower than 6 or higher than 15?

I’d stay on the 8-12/15 range; higher reps are good mostly for endurance, lower reps (and bigger weights) aren’t the best choice for an isolation exercises like lateral raises.

Normally, you want to go heavy with compound movement (e.g. any kind of shoulder press), and then finish with an isolation drill, using higher reps and a moderate weight.

I role between 6-10 on those. Depending on how I feel. There more of a… shit I still have a little left on my delts so why not hammer them a little more exercise and not a main stay.

I like higher reps for these, I go 15/12/10/8