Lateral Pelvic Tilt

tldr; Is the program I worked out at the bottom good for lateral pelvic tilt?


3 months ago got diagnosed with this problem after having back pain for about a year. I’ve had this tilt ever since I had a motorcycle accident in 2006, which gave me a shorter leg on my left for about 1.5 cm I believe.

I got a new pair of orthopedics 2 months ago, and I think they compensate too much on the left side.

I have had a few manipulations from a chiropractor, which helped at the time, but all things considered my back is now in much more pain (all the time) than it was when I ignored the nagging pain and just kept training the LB.

I’ve been on a posture correction program since 2 months (Neanderthaler No More, Cressey and Robertson) and while it certainly has helped with my Anterior Pelvic Tilt and rounded shoulders.

I let my girlfriend check my lateral difference and she said it was 1cm higher on my right side at minimum. I then removed the orthopedic from my right shoe and while standing upright there was no / minimum difference. When bending down there were some complications (lateral til came back, also a bit of rotation)

So basically the new LB program is this:

Right side:

  • SMR with tennisball: glute medius / IT Band / that whole lateral area
  • Stretching the glute maximus / piriformis

Left side:

  • SMR with foam roller and tennisball: IT Band, hip flexors, glute maximus
  • Stretching calve, hip flexors

Is this correct so far?
What needs to be strengthened and on what side?

What therapist do you believe is the most helpful for this situation?

  • Orthopedic physicians
  • visceral osteopaths
  • manual therapists (chiropractor?)
  • physiotherapists