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Lateral Meniscus Tear

Ok looking for some advice or help from somebody who has undergone any similar experiences.
I am a 38 year old lifter at a reasonable level, 130kg snatch, 155kg power clean at 95kg.Over the last year I have suffered from knee problems which have been diagnosed as a horizontal cleave in my lateral meniscus. As such I have had to modify my training program - can perform most things but am limited to power clean and snatch not the full versions and cannot quite reach rock bottom in a squat. Any form of running (except up steps same with plyos is a no no.
I am due to see the surgeon this week and can have the symptoms relieved with an operation to remove a large portion of the meniscs. This will obviously allow me to clean and snatch again plus run and do plyos - my concern - anyone had this done and if so what was the prognosis long term. I want to lift forever and not be limited by a worn out knee at 50!! Any experiences would be gratefully recieved

Well, I’ve had 2 ACL reconstructions w/meniscus removed as well and one arthroscopic lateral meniscus removal. Obviously, you’d rather have everything intact as you get older, but shit happens. How long has it been since the injury to your meniscus and have you had an MRI? If it is somewhat recent and depending on the nature of your tear you can get the meniscus repaired. This is a much longer recovery time, but you still have your meniscus intact. If you get the torn portion removed you can be back lifting in a week or two, you won’t want to go for any PR’s right away but you get the idea. If possible, it would probably be better in the long run to take some time off for the repair. Good luck.

Injury occured around January this year. I have had MRI and have an appointment with surgeon on tommorow to discuss options. I have spoken with him on phone and repair is not an option, he will have to remove a quantity of the meniscus and is unsure how much until he operates.
How do you manage with your lifting? Any problems with knee pain - or degeneration since?

Thanks for the help

Doesn’t really effect my lifting negatively. The one knee makes a grinding sound as I come out of the bottom on squats but it is not painful and that’s just how it has sounded since the surgery. Can you continue on without the surgery? If not, this is all just a mental exercise. There is not really anything to worry about anyways, just get it done and in two weeks you’ll be back in the gym.


will let you know how it goes

Hope the surgery went well and they did not find any further damage. I had both knees done for tears and one recovered well, while the other did not recover as well. I have been able to squat and even run a little, but interested to see how your progress goes. Good luck and don’t push too quickly.

how did this injury actually occur?