Lateral Knee pain - Swelling - Peroneal Nerve issues

Hi all. Looking for some advice/help. I have had a strange knee issue for well over a year now. I have had an MRI in 2020, the outcome of which said I had some cartilage missing on the medial side of my right knee. No meniscus or ligament damage. I have posted the report attached.

Both knee specialists I saw wanted me to go under the knife, but I don’t believe that their diagnosis is accurate. I did a lot of more recent research myself, I also came accross a website called ‘omni body’ and purchased thier knee/foot course, which really taught me a lot more detail of the strucutre of the knee and helped point to what I thought was a better explanation of the issue.


  • Right knee, lateral aspect of the joint. Just below the area that the tibia and fibula meet, I get what feels like nerve compression during certain movements, it is debilitating to the point that I collapse.
  • I have also what seems to be a bit of fluid, probably more than I should around the knee.
  • I get a lot of grinding directly above the patella during extension, like there is nothing there any the patella grinds on something.
  • I have trigger points on the tibialis anterior, that no matter how much I treat with trigger point balls, seems to stay there.
  • I have achy feelings up my right leg, behind my knee both medially and laterally, my soleus and my gastroc have strong tiggers and seem to be tight.

The strangest part I feel is, during eccentric movements like going down stairs, the reverse lunge where my right knee is back (and sometimes forward) are the instances when the pinch gets activated the worst and my knee fails. I have been doing restricted blood flow work to my knees (from knees over toes guys videos) to help stimulate bloodflow to the area, and with the bands on, and the ankles on an incline, I can squat with no pain. I can do Petersen stepups to a limited range, but when I get to a certain angle, the pinch kicks in and I collapse in that knee.

I am currently working on massage to release

the peroneal nerve, but I think there is more going on, and I am not sure what it is or how to tackle it.