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Lateral Knee Injury Squatting

While warming up with an empty bar before working my way up to my working set weight, I got a bit careless, squatted down fast and slightly twisted outwards while exploding up. This resulted in a sensation that something cracked or popped followed by a sharp pain that dulled almost immediately.

I tried squatting back down but was greeted with pain in the outter region of my right knee.

Pain only seems to occur if i push my knee outward, going down stairs or squating down. No pain at all if im just standing there, even with full wight on the leg. My stance is relatively wide as my femurs are pretty damn long.

No swelling or bruising. I suspect either a sprain or a meniscus tear but that seems less likely.

Anybody familiar with the symptoms? Admittedly i’d rather rule stuff out before rushing to a doctor and paying a fortune in the process.

How long has it been since the injury?
Can you get full extension in the knee?
Any catching, pinching or locking of the knee through flex/extension?

Been about a month now. Still dull pain if i twist my knee slightly. Conventional deadlifts not affected, I dare not squat heavy though as it still feels weak.
I can extend fully no problem. No catching or pinching at all. Worst movement is getting out of the car passenger side honestly. Puts tibia at an angle and applies pressure in the knee. Seems like one of those long lasting injuries that will linger for ages. Just trying to avoid putting pressure on it.

Difficult one. Try some high box squats or just some high bodyweight lowers
to get back into a Squatting movement pattern. Let us know how you get on

I attempted a squat session yesterday. While keeping insanely strict form at all times, iI managed to get a few light sets in. unfortunately anything above 225 is enough pressure to start hurting the knee again, forcing me to stop. Think ill have to suck it up and get it scanned or something

MRI scan is your best bet to confirm whats going on.

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guess so. Time to set an appointment!

Try to do some myofascial release work on your quad muscles and see if that helps. Ideally you would have some kind of massage stick like the Theracane, but otherwise you can just use your hands/fingertips. If that doesn’t provide any relief then go see a doctor.