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Lateral Imbalance

I seem to have a lateral imbalance in my lumbar area. This may have developed due to bad posture or due to poor compensation from an injury I had.

What can I do about this? I feel as though my left side is getting tighter and tighter, as thought my ribs were being pulled down and my iliac crest was being pulled up. This seems to me like some sorta tightness in either my Quadratus Lumborum or in a portion of the Erector Spinae. I also have a slight scoliosis which I believe is a result of this imbalance.

I also have constant “snapping” around my low back and sacrum.

Anyone ever seen anything like this?
What can I do about it or who could help diagnose this?
I worked with a CHEK specialist who helped work out my posture and strengthen my back but doesn’t seem to want to address this problem.

Thanks, any help would be appreciated.