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Lateral Calf Pain

Hey folks, I’ve had this pain in my right calf for about 4 months now and have tried stretching and massaging a bit but nothing too intense. It gets much worse when I walk for long periods of time, or play sports. It’s mostly the lateral aspect of my right calf but sometimes can gravitate towards the middle.

I was thinking compartment syndrome but some of the usual effects that are associated with this I don’t have.

It all started when I was trying to get into running more in June. I had really bad shin splints but just decided to motor through them regardless and paid the price.

Anybody have any thoughts on what this could be/how to deal with it?

(oh, and I’ve always been told I have very tight fascia in my lower leg with very limited mobility in my ankle (have very small calves to go with this). But I’ve never had this pain before)