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Late Stage Athlete [Training Log]

I’ve decided to start a log to add some accountability. But first, a story:

About 6 years ago I bought a house and setup a home gym in my garage. By the time my son was born, I was at my strongest (chins +90, 405x3 deadlift, and similar). But the garage was cold and it was a hassle. I moved the equipment to the basement, and I became ful of excuses. For the next three years I trained haphazardly, averaging maybe once or twice a week, constantly lowering weights because I felt lazy. I injured my back twice while deadlifting, too.

I’ve decided to get a real gym membership again - having a space to go to with other people seems to motivate me more.

In terms of goals, I have a few:

  • Bodyweight: 195 (currently 215)
  • Power Clean: 275
  • Front Squat: 315
  • Press: 195
  • Deadlift: 315 (because of fear, eventually 455)
  • Chins: +90
  • Dips: +135

Right now I’m planning to focus on these as primary goals as I rebuild my strength base. I’m using waved linear progression right now, focusing on those first three. Chins and dips are done for reps right now just to get back in the groove, and deadlifts are done on Fridays for higher reps in the hope of injury proofing my back.

I’ll probably add prowler work or carries at the end, time permitting. There’s no immediate dietary focus, as I figure simply focusing on getting work in will affect body composition for now

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My LP program for the next little while, for clean/squat/press is:

Using a working max, D1 = 3x8@70% / D2 = 4x5@80% / D3 = 5x3@90%
Then bump the WM up by 5-10lbs

Chins and Dips are currently done for reps, 3-5 sets with a goal of hitting 5x10 with minimal rest. Then I’ll start programming them like everything else.

Deadlifts are done once a week, with a ramp 12/10/8/5/3/2 ramp to some top set based on feel.

Feb 22 session - 3x8 @ 70% WM

Power Clean: 90x 8/8/8
Front Squat: 105x 8/8/8
Overhead Press: 80x 8/6/6
Sumo Deadlift: 135x 10/10, 185x 8, 225x 5/3/2

I guess my WM for the press is too high. I won’t bump it up after 3 days and repeat with the same weight.

Deadlifting was more about checking back health. I started to feel achey at 225, so I did some slow, clean reps. I feel fine today, so that’s great.

I grabbed two McD double cheeseburgers on the way home though :frowning:

I like the Zen avatar symbol. Do you practice Buddhism?

Not in any meaningful way, no. But I have learned a lot from zen, as well as stoicisim, and similar things.

Updating a full 3 day wave:

Feb 22 session - 3x8 @ 70% WM

Power Clean: 90x 8/8/8
Front Squat: 105x 8/8/8
Overhead Press: 80x 8/6/6
Sumo Deadlift: 135x 10/10, 185x 8, 225x 5/3/2

Feb 25 session - 4x5 @ 80% WM

Power Clean: 100x5/5/5/5
Overhead Press: 90x5/5/5/5
Front Squat: 120x5/5/5/5
3x Chins+Dips Circuit

Feb 27 session - 3x3 @ 90% WM

Power Clean: 115x3/3/3
Overhead Press: 100x3/3/3
Front Squat: 135x3/3/3
3x Chins+Dips Circuit


PC will go up by 5lbs, FS by 10 - this is based on feel
Repeating OHP working max because I failed the 8s

Gonna keep drilling chins and dips for reps, and work up to a comfortable 315 on deadlifts before working it back in

On Saturday I deadlifted, ramping up triples. I got to 275 before my back got scared. I actually think it was mostly in my head, but I did a few more singles and then about 25 empty bar good mornings.

My sessions have started to take an hour, and I’m not happy about that. I expect longer on deadlift days but I was hitting 30 minutes on most days and 45 on DL days. I gotta figure out what to change…