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Late shakes

I was just wondering whether or not you should have carbs in your shakes if you wake up in the middle of the night to have it. Whether or not to includ carbs when either you’re bulking or cutting? Or should it be protein only?

From some of JB’s articles, he recommends making your nightly protein shake a P+F meal. So I usually mix in a tablespoon or two of flaxseed oil with it…

eyuzwa hit the nail on the head. By including EFA’s with a pure protein shake, you activate fat as the primary fuel burned while sleeping, rather than proteins. This has fat burning and muscle sparing effects.

P+F for both cutting and bulking? does it matter? I wanna bulk up mainly with minimal fat.

In terms of bulking with minimal fat gain, at night you need to ensure you have enough protein (Whey, casein blend is best for time release) and the EFA (essential fatty acids) ensure that the protein is not being used as a fuel and can concentrate on muscle repair. A carb heavy drink will be used as fuel to the extent that it can and the remainder will be stored as fat. By consuming EFAs with your protein, your body uses those EFAs as fuel and will then tap into your existing fat stores instead of using protein.

Out of interest, when cutting, should it also be P+F or just Protien?