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Late Night Workouts


Hey guys,

Just wondering. I work out around 9:30-10:30 at night. The Surge after my workout is ok right? After the Surge should I take my protien like an hour later or what? What do you think I should do? I dont want to much in my stomach before bed time.



Why don't you want much in your stomach before bed? It's a long time until breakfast. I work out after nine at night. Surge after my workout. Whole milk yogurt with wheat germ after the Surge. Then bed. Works for me.


You should be thinking the other way around. You want as much as possible (within reason, of course) in your stomach to stay anabolic until breakfast. Fasting for 8 hours in the middle of the day would be a bad idea, so it wouldn't be any better at night.


Maybe if you're bulking.... otherwise I don't think it's necessary to eat a gigantic meal right before bed.

I try to "front load" my calories, meaning I eat more frequently and larger meals in the morning and early afternoon. Before bed is usually a half-cup whole milk yogurt with some Metabolic Drive mixed in and a banana.


As an fyi: morning lifters are reported to have 15% higher T-levels than non...



You are right, I probably shouldn't have said "as much as possible." Usually I down a protein shake and a couple servings of peanut butter. I should have said, "you need to have somthing that will last as long as possible in your stomach."


Doesn't matter much. Your muscles are a lot more cold and stiff in the morning and alot more warm and flexible in the evening. So there are advantages to both.

Just do what you feels best for you.