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Late Night Workouts

Tonight was my first time lifting at night (workout ended at 11:30 PM)and I am wondering what to have as a post workout meal? I already had 1400 cals today. How much protein/carbs should I have as this may be a regular thing based on my schedule. thanks for the help.


1400 calories? You must be a fatass.

If this IS a serious post, I’d say eat more during the day. Try to get 3k under your belt daily

I workout late sometimes and just follow my normal diet schedule. My body doesn’t seem to care that I put a bunch of my calories around my workout regardless if it is during the day or night. It may not be “optimal” but wouldn’t hurt.

I’d be afraid your gonna put on too much body fat eating over 1400 calories a day though.

I once had 1,600 calories one day. NEVER AGAIN. I had to do cardio for weeks!

Elusive, I think you left out a 0.

Say, this thread is ridiculous, but here’s a better question: how do you fall asleep within 2-3 hours after working out? Having a lot of trouble with this since I started working out in the evening.

This is a serious post. I was running around doing things all day that I couldn’t get to the gym until 10:30. I am in the Army and I still woke up at 0500. I just felt really bad about skipping a workout so I went. I posted here for information regarding if I should have a meal that late at night. FYI: I had a hard time going to sleep last night.

I am currently 16% bf and I am trying to get down so that is why I try to get 1800 calories a day spread out over 6 meals.


1800 ???

Jumping jellybeans man EAT SOMETHING

DOUBLE that and might go somewhere this is NOT Somalia !

1800 might be reasonable if you’re really short, otherwise i’d up it - when I dieted I was around 2500 cals and i’m 6’2".

But personally, I NEVER skip a post-workout meal. Ever. That’s why I always have beef jerky and a carb source on hand if I can’t cook right after I work out.

Let me help out the OP.

I eat a lot and I’m growing nicely, thank you very much.

I normally work out late AM or early PM, but I have to workout sometime between 8 and 11 PM for awhile but still need to be in bed soon after, like midnight.

Should I still drink a PWO shake and eat a full dinner after dinner but before bed?

Note: This may or may not reflect reality