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Late Night Snacks


I'm in the process of finishing up a cut (low carb and IF). I want to start transitioning off of that and figured first thing I'd do is slowly replace some of the fat cals with carbs (but keep cals the same for awhile to see how I respond).

Since I do IF and am used to eating the bulk of my food late in the day/at night, I tend to snack after dinner quite a bit (it's "my" time...kids & wife in bed and I watch a show or two). Most nights I have a quarter cup of almond butter (love that shit).

I am wondering if anyone has recommendations of QUICK & EASY things (i.e. doesn't require much prep) to switch to. Cereals are easy, but the vast majority are absolute crap. I'm thinking I can whip up some kind of protein powder/oatmeal/nut-butter concoction, but I'm hoping there are other tasty options too.

Doesn't need to be all carbs or anything, just looking for something that's not all fat.


If like cereal try ‘no added sugar’ natural muesli with almond or coconut milk

Oatmeal/eggwhites/blueberries etc actually a really good idea…


Thanks RB. I’ll check out muesli…and figured I’d probably be getting creative with shakes.