Late Night Post Workout Meal?

i am having my 6 to 8 meals a day keeping my carb post workout etc…
thing is twice a week a get a trainning session that is never over t’ill 8h30 so i get home around nine. and got to be in bed by 10h or 10h30 caus i get up at 5. i always take a post work out drink but i’m woundering about the post work out meal that i shoul ge 2 hours after trainning.

i know it would be the best time for a carb meal but since i’m going to bed really soon after should i just skip it or go for let say a shake that would provide lots of carb or just drop the carb and do a usuall snack with protein. i just go to bed and have a good breakfast in the morning?

No it will not go to fat, since this is after your workout and your body is cravin’ those carbs.

Depends on your goals… i think if you’re cutting I would just go with casein protein before bed. Otherwise, maybe go with the carbs and protein.

If your goal is to get bigger or stronger (regardless of whether you are cuttin), get your simple carbs and protein as soon as you can after your nightly workout. If you want some slow-digesting (casein) protein before bed that is fine too. It is very important that you get your carbs and protein after you workout regardless of how late it is.