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Late-night post-post workout meal -- P+F or P+C?

Okay, cats and kittens, here’s the scenario: For the next couple of years you’ll be forced to train fairly late at night. You’ll only have time for one meal after your post-workout Surge. You’re not really dieting or bulking, but taking the slow, quality-only gains approach (i.e., eating just about maintenance calories). Do you make your last meal P+F in order to slow protein digestion and stave off nighttime catabolism or P+C in order to take advantage of the post-workout refeeding window?

I’ve been in that situation. Cottage cheese blended with low-carb grow! and a cup of oatmeal stirred in. Also, 3 fish oil caps. I did this approx. 20 minutes before falling asleep with good results.

Berardi and others have talked about this quite a bit. All Summer I was forced to train late at night because of my work schedule…I made my last meal, and only meal after Surge before hitting the sack, a P+C meal. Worked fine for me in that I didn’t notice any rapid fat gain or any other problems. Just to cover my bases, I did chug a P+F shake when waking up to take a leak in case the P+C meal was digested quicker than I would have liked.

I agree with the P+C combo at this time. I do believe that JB gave it the “heads up” a while back also. Reason being that these carbs, elevated insulin levels and aminos will go towards recovery. They will be used in an efficient manner, so no worries.

for me, id do the P+F


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I do a P + F. I’ve noticed I tend to lose less weight if I have a P + C meal before hitting the sack.

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