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Late-Night Hunger and Cravings


I wake up in the middle of the night and am hungry. I always break down and end up eating stuff I should not eat. Tonight, I went through almost a quart of ice cream. I do not do this every night, but it is getting frustrating. During the day I eat a clean 2000 - 2300 calories with a good balance of macros. Does anyone having any tips for breaking these late-night binges?


A) eat more real food during the day
B) don't have quarts of ice cream in your house if you shouldn't be eating it yeah?


man that sounds rough... maybe you should try to drink casein protein right before bed if you already aren't.

also, when you wake up in the night and you're hungry, i'll bet that if you mix up a protein shake and pound it down quickly without thinking twice, you'll feel full and be less likely to bust out the ice cream.

(as a side note, i usually don't keep foods like ice cream in my kitchen for these kinds of reasons)


I typically do not have ice cream in the house. Thank Goodness. In fact, I tossed what was left into the trash. I have been making good progress the last two months dropping from 225 and 20.1% BF to 207 and 16.5%. Usually when I wake up in the middle of the night I will grab a cup of lo-fat yogurt, a handful of choc. chips or some peanut buuter. The protein shake sounds like a good alternative. I have been shopping for a good casien or blended protein powder (slower release) to use in the evening before bed. Maybe I'll mix up some protein pudding to have available also.


2000 calories for a 200 lb male(right?) is very low to me. What did yesterday look like to you food and time wise?


I think I know where you can find one.


yeah that is extrememly low, the recommended 2k a day is for average folk, im going on a 5-6k a day.

to the OP, what the hell are you doing with icecream in your house?!?!?!?! and i agree with all the others about a slow digesting protien when you wake up. i do a bit of cottage cheese before i go to bed, and when i wake up to take piss in the middle of the night ill drink my protein shake thats next to my bed. no insane amount of protein just like 20g, just enough to get me through the night until my breakfast. see waht works for you


I am 49 years old Trying to get lean - Started at 225lbs 20.1% BF - now at 207 16.5% BF - Goal is 190lbs <12% BF - will build muscle from there.

Typical Day ... any and all comments are appreciated!

4am - 1 scoop Whey protein/water(24 g protein); 2g l-carnitine; 2g BCAA's; 200 mg caffeine before 40 minutes intervals on the treadmill

530am - 3 egg-whites/1 whole egg, slice whole-wheat toast, banana, 3 cups coffee - vitamins include flaxseed oil cap, fish oil cap, vitamin C, calcium tab, and multi-vit.

730am - packet plain instant oatmeal with splenda and some blueberries

9am - 1/2 cup cottage cheese - every other day do a grapefruit.

11am - grilled turkey burger (no bun), 1/2 cup brocolli, small cup lo-fat yogurt - chocolate fix is a Hersheys Dark Choc stick (60 calories)

115pm - banana; 1 1/2 scoops blended-protein powder/water(39g protein)

230 pm - apple

4pm - pre-workout -- packet plain instant oatmeal w/splenda; 1 scoop NO product .... weights followed by 25 minutes low-intensity cardio

530pm - Post workout whey protein shake w/8oz skim milk (36g protein)

6pm - Chicken Jambalaya (mix of chicken, green pepper, onion and tomato). 1/2 white rice other nights usually chicken, fish, lean pork with some kind of veggie or salad.

830pm - 11 0z Muscle Milk RTD shake (22g protein)

930 go to bed - wake at 12-1am and am hungry. This is the killer part of the day/night - usually grab a cup of lo-fat yogurt. The bad part is I have a craving for something sweet and grab some choc chips, ice cream if/when it is there, peanut butter, etc.

I am beginning to realize that it has to be mind over matter. I have found that if I can substitute something for the bad stuff I can get in the habit of grabbing something good, in lieu of something that will keep me from reaching my goal.

Thanks for your feedback!


You just have to suck it up, it has probably become a habit you need to break. If you really need to have something, throw some protein powder in water and knock it back.