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Late Night Eating

A couple questions about late night eating.

Cenario 1:

You’re out with friends, or better yet a date. It’s been 4 hrs since you last ate, and you’re trying to avoid looking obsessed with gaining muscle mass (dedicated = good, obsessed = bad in other peoples eyes…not mine hehe). Anyways, downing a shake, or eating food doesn’t appear to be much of an option at the time. Since things are going well (for those of us who doing well means more than doing the horizontal shuffle within the first hour) a couple more hours pass. So now you’re pretty much in a fasted state. When you do get home and finally get a chance to eat, what’s on the menu? P+F, or P+C?

In a related cenario, (#2)

You’ve eaten your 8 meals (4 P+C, and 4 P+F, or 5 and 3, or however you normally break it down) for the day, but rather than going to bed, you stay up late (it’s the weekend). What do you suggest for that 9th meal? P+F, or P+C?

I appologize if these questions seem a bit ridiculous, but I ask because I’m sure this happens to many of us. It happens to me quite frequently on the weekends.

In Cenario #1, the question comes down to whether or not being in a semi-fasted state superseeds your reduced ability for carb intake in late hours of the night.

In Cenario #2, it boils down to whether surpassing your normal fat intake by a large percentage (if you take 4 fat meals / day with 40g of fat each meal that’s 160 g…adding a similar 5th P+F meal puts you at 200g and 25% more fat than normal even though they’re healthy fats), is better or worse for you than inducing an insulin response by having a P+C meal.



I would eat P+C, just for the shear fact that I feel better when I’m fasted, then eat carbs.

Nice catch Ike, that was really driving me nuts also.

I eat what my last meal of the night always is, a small protein/fat meal. Usually mostly all protein and a little fat.

Protein shake and some nuts, or cottage cheese and powder… That sort of stuff.

I would say (like most other things) it’s dependant on what works best for you though.

Carry a grow bar on you, that shouldn’t be too hard and you can always say you need to go to the bathroom and sneak your meal there. Or- just straight up tell your love bunny you need food in order to keep on fucking. “Look biotch, you expect me to eat you out all fucking night long! Now I get to eat something that actually tastes good dam it!”

Ike: I appologize for the spelling mistake. I didn’t know this was english class…and 10:38pm is nearly 1 hr 40 mins past my bedtime, so cut me some slack!

RS: You need to stop dating “dirty” girls (and by dirty I mean unbathed!) if you find something’s wrong with the taste.

RS I have been known to excuse myself from meetings and what not just to grab a bar or a shake! thought i was the only one haha

Forget excusing yourself from the meeting. I bring the shake with me. If they’re gonna drink coffee, I’ll drink my shake. At first, I got alot of questions and weird looks, but now its just normal. And if they give you a hard time…just say look at me and look at you…who’s got it wrong?

"…just say look at me and look at you…who’s got it wrong? "

Yes! Now there’s a balls answer for ya.

Here’s one I always encounter

“What are you drinking?”

Wuss Answer:
“It’s a mixed protein and fiber beverage. I drink it for health reasons.”

Balls Answer:
“I’m drinking a protein shake so I can get f’n huuuuge…and no, I don’t mean fat like your bitch ass but BIG, muscular, and sexy!”

…Yeah, I know, most of the time I give the wuss answer. All this education is makin me soft

Hahaha…you guys just bring shakes or bars to your meetings?

Every monday morning we have lab meetings, where someone gives a 1-1 1/2 hr. talk about his/her research or something in the recent literature. I eat Oatmeal and protein, and an eggwhite sandwhich and the rest my 3rd meal. Hehehe…and when you’re the one’s giving people dirty looks they stop bothering you.

ND it was a joke and I always prefer the taste of food over eating pussy. Don’t get me wrong it’s a wonderful thing but I’m one of those men who needs a full belly. If she wants to win me over she’ll wake me up the next morning with a huge breakfast. If she doesn’t I’ll probably end up making a huge breakfast for her (mostly me). “I got to go take a crap…”, “Why do you crap so much?”, “Cuz you won’t shut up!”

I bring the shakes all the time. Every monday morning I have a 9am staff meeting. I always roll in with a shake and a piece of fruit or something like that.

It could be worse I tell me…I could bring a full meal, with egg whites, oatmeal and some wheat bread or something.

Screw them…I’m eatin on time

Just get one of those huge frappuccino cups from Starbucks to drink your shake from and you’ll fit right in…except for not being fat and fluffy.

Oh, and late at night just eat some hot wings or something. It might be a bit off the mark for a P&C or P&F meal, especially if they’re breaded, but it beats going hungry.

Dark Assassin- Yeah I’ll blame it on nature if I have to eat. It bugs me that taking a bathroom break is more appropriate in most professional settings than eating. I don’t get our culture in America- work harder longer hours with less breaks and less food. I honestly could get more done twice as fast if every job I ever had aloud me to eat on time. I’ve been held as long as 6 hours before without anything to eat. At that time I was making lots of mistakes and was very, very angry. I admire our military for eating once a day sometimes with only 2-3 hours of sleep, but I don’t know if I could do that. I’d be a liability behind a gun after a whole day without food. I might start shooting the enemy in hopes I might get to bring them back to camp and eat them after a while.