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Late Night Eating as an Ecto

Is it bad for my bb to be eating a medium-large meal just before I try to sleep? I have dinner, go on my pc for a while, then its suddenly 11-12pm and I am hungry, but my parents are convinced that I shouldn’t be eating then. Can someone correct me, or show me an article or two to show my parents they are wrong?

Yes I am an ecto/meso, and I am only 155lb, so i thought my metabolic problems like ‘turning it straight into fat because I’m only sleeping’ problem was negligible, I don’t care about fat gain at the moment. Usually the meal is a Carb/Prot meal like a few veggies/fruit and a eggshake…

It doesn’t really matter when you eat, as long as you eat a certain amount during the day (and of course try to get a good meal as fast as you can right after a workout).

Some people don’t like eating right before they go to sleep, because they can have a hard time to actually fall asleep unless a few hrs has gone by since their last meal and bed time. If you don’t have any problems falling asleep, there’s nothing wrong with eating right before bed. Besides, you’re weigh very little, so just throw down whatever you can.

[quote]forevernade wrote:
Yes I am an ecto/meso, and I am only 155lb, I don’t care about fat gain at the moment.[/quote]

That says it all man, go for it. I’m proud of you, eat anything you want before ya go to bed, just dont get in trouble with your parents.

I started eating cottage cheese and berries late at night cuz I guess its what everyone suggests before bed (well cottage cheese w/o the berries but I eat em anyway). So if you want to try that you can explain to them that its a pretty healthy snack before bed and that eating before bed isnt a big deal if you eat right. Diets that say don’t eat after 5pm or have another cut off time are full of shit.

You’ll find these videos interesting :

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Some foods with slow digesting proteins are good such as eggs(whites) and cottage cheese as someone has mentioned.