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Late Night Bulker's Snack


Thinking of adding some almonds and maybe more protein to that meal, but then again it's just a snack. I think I just wanted to take a picture.

Is unsweetened applesauce a decent snack? Blueberries + applesauce = heaven


If you just looking for bulking materials and don't get up to eat in the night, slow digesting protein sources (like cottage cheese or yoghurt), fibre and unsaturated fat would be ideal.


You want protein for a mid-night snack. Some good fats are OK here too. You don't want carbs since you won't burn them off. The idea is just to keep the body from going catabolic during the night and next morning.


Uhhh...I think he already has exactly that. And if he's a "hard gainer" go ahead and have some carbs too. That looks pretty damn good, what's that "Almond" stuff in the picture. Looks like you're getting plenty of good protein and fats.

Good work


There is no such thing as a "snack" to a bodybuilder.


Nights where I get up in the middle of the night, I have prepped:

2 scoop Metabolic Drive
2 tbsp Peanut Butter
1 tbsp Ground Flax Seeds
2 cups water
1 peeled orange

The key is to use the water to get the meal down fast and back to bed.

Before Bed I'll go with the same thing but 1 cup cottage cheese as well. I think a high-soluble-fiber fruit is key in these. Despite it being a carb, its just enough to kick the furnace back without keeping you awake, spiking insuling, etc.


Snack? What are those? make it a meal.

At least you shop at TJ's.



Eat or eat not. There is no snack.


I just tend to think of them all as feedings now. Not meals just another feeding a fuel source with a purpose. They dont all have to be gourmet or hell even enjoyable. sure some are but some you just put it down.

Kind of like that one exercise you HATE but know it has to be done, Just something you have to do to meet that goal.


I'm at college and when my mom calls and asks what I'm planning on having for dinner or something, I'll be like, "I'm not really having dinner . . . I just eat all the time." And to the OP, looks like you know what you're doing with that pre-bed snack. Just keep slow digesting protein and healthy fats high.


Trader Joes brand cottage cheese! lol sorry. What is that almond milk you have? nutritional content? and are those frozen blueberries Trader Joes brand too ^^?


Well I just had a double bacon cheeseburger from 5 Guys, a can of tuna, and a protein shake...and it's 5am. Goodnight.