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Late Night Binges

Hey all,

I’m currently bulking, but I’m having a bit of a late night binging problem. I usually have cottage cheese w/ flax and some celery and PB before bed. While I try to limit out and measure the PB , I always end up overdoing it. For instance, last night I polished off 3/4 of a bottle of wegman’s natty PB…

I know I’m trying to bulk and what not, but I just fill so guilty the next morning.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



Yeah. eat pizza. it tastes better.

First meat… go PSU!

Second, if you’re bulking don’t worry about overdoing the PB before bed. You’re pre-slumber meal looks very similar to mine, I down 1.5 cups fat free cottage cheese and 15 grams worth of fat from fish oils.

At least La Bamba’s isn’t around anymore, because I used to get that every Friday and Saturday night before my alcohol induced slumber when I was still in school.

If this is a concern of yours, and you are feeling bad about it, than by all means get it in check. Think about what triggers cause this, maybe it is a tough day at work, or a hard leg day, but whatever it is, prepare for this hunger when that occurs. I too have been taking down jars, but of Cashew Butter. I finally said enough was enough, and have dedicated to stopping the madness, in preperation for the late night hunger I keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge at all times. This way I am ensured shall the hunger come on, and it is too strong to avoid, I can go pop in a white and still keep cals low, also it is way easier to down a can of PB than it is 15 whites, either that of brushing the teeth, but it manily comes down to foucs and will power

3/4 of a bottle?!

That’s about 1000kcals alone!

I presume your “bulking” phase is working?:-))SRS

Since you’re bulking, most people are giving you a pass on this one.

How about just exercising a little self-discipline?

Here is something to think about.

If you have trouble controlling yourself before bed, then chances are you’re simply not eating enough to really curb whatever cravings you are normally prone to. If that’s the case, you are certainly not eating enough to allow for optimal growth.

As a frame of reference, by then end of an 7000 Calorie day, I’d have trouble forcing down any of my favorite food if they were offered! I get so much clean food throughout the day, a slice of pizza or candy bar near bed time is just not even tempting because I doubt there’s room.

Try eating bigger meals throughout the day, or just more meals about the same size of those you’re eating now. If, at the end of the night you’re force feeding yourself that cottage cheese/PB mixture…yeah, you’ll grow nicely =)

Hope this helps.

Self control is important no matter what we are talking about. It’s a basic characteristic that you must possess and implement. Throw out the pb if you can’t deal with the consequences.

Mmmhmm there’s another one!! :slight_smile:
I do this too…been better lately once I make sure I eat enough in the morning so I’m not starving at night…but sometimes the peanut butter is in one hand and the icecream in another hehe.
I’m just plain not buying them. The cravings suck big time, but I’d rather suffer through that than be pissed about my bf %.

As long as it doesn’t interfere with your sleep and you don’t felt gross (physically) in the morning, I say keep doing it. Dr. Lowrey has pointed out that it’s natural for saiety to decrease at night, and if you’re training hard, your body could just be telling you it needs the calories.

I find that some nights I have no appetite before bed and some I can’t seem to eat enough, and it usually corresponds to my activity level or program I’m on.