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Late Breakfast and Catabolism?


Every morning when i wake up i cant eat unless i wait like an hour or 2, is that too long? Will catabolism start if i dont eat IMMEDIATLEY after i wake up?


No. Just make sure you hit your P requirements for the day.


Why not pop like 5 BCAAs when you wake up.



Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe true muscular catabolism doesn't occur for 12 hours after fasting?

Stressing about it is probably going to do more damage than just doing it.


I don't know whether catabolism will actually set in, but you can just have a protein shake in the morning to relieve any stress over the matter and then have breakfast later.


Dont sweat it, as long as you are meeting your nutrient requirements throughout the day then you will be fine if your dont eat immediately. However it wouldnt be a good idea to go too long without eating.

In the event that you cant face some whole foods straight away, you could always have a serving of whey plus a couple of almonds, then have a whole food meal an hour or so later. Failing that, pop a few BCAAs.

Generally though, you probaby wouldnt want to go too long without some amino acids floating around in you, hence the protein / BCAA recommendations. Its a probably a good idea to keep some aminos in the amino acid pool full as best as possible.