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Lat Workout

Since I have bad shoulders, I’m looking for the best lat workout with that type of condidtion. I have a Vectra 1500 home gym and my dumbells go up to 50 pounds. Any Ideas?

Try one arm rows. Shoulder is stable and safe. 50# db’s might be too light though.

I know 50 pounds is too light, so my only recourse is to either buy a lat pull-up machine and use a narrower grip or buy some heavier dumbells. I don’t know what else to do.
Any other ideas?

What do you mean by bad shoulders?

I played football and boxed years ago. Between injuries and scar tissue, arthritis has done quite well. I still manage to stay in shape.
Some people have said that I’m in better shape
than most 18 year olds. I’m trying different
kinds of exercises to help compensate for my bad shoulders.

Bustoff, instead of buying dumbbell_s_, which I assume means a set of premade ones, just buy a pair (or even one) of adjustable ones. I know that Walmart’s website has a pair of spinlock dumbbells for $20. You can either buy a 110 lb. free weight set, or just buy plates, which are usually about $0.40/lb. at sports stores. So for $52.00, you could get a pair of dumbbells and 80 lbs. of weights, which should hold you for awhile on one-arm rows. Whatever your shoulder problems are, be sure that you are actively training your rotator cuffs. I’m not familiar with your home gym, but don’t forget stiff-armed pulldowns, especially as a means of preexhaustion.

I started doing the shoulder excercises by Charles Poliquin about 5 weeks now. My shoulders haven’t felt this good in about 15 years. I own a chrome set of dumbells from 15 to 50 pounds. I like your Walmart idea, its
a hell of lot cheaper. The reason why I’m so concerned about lat workouts is because in the past they would effect my shoulders so bad that i couldn’t raise my arms past my shoulders without pain for weeks on end.What is a stiff-armed pulldown? On the Vectra, I am doing a seated lat pulldown. Hands shoulder length apart, pulling down in front to chin level. I think upward rows would be the way to go. So off to Walmart I go.