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Lat Tower Machine of Powertech with Cage


i just bought the lat tower machine for my powertech cage today i have done the seated cable row but i felt more hurt in the delt and not the back ,
as i have seen in alot of video on youtube of cable row the cable is highter than the cable row in the lat tower ,
i would like to know how bad and how does it metter ?
ty guys


Are you using proper form?


u can see lee priest doing the seated row with the same machine as i am using ,(0.17 second)
as u can see the cable lower than the proffesional cable seated row in the gym how does it matter ?


It sounds like you need to get a better mind muscle connection to me, If your delts are kicking in on a back exercise you may be either going too heavy or dont have proper form or maybe you just dont know how to contract the muscle well.
If your doing seated cable rows ( no offense Im kinda lost on what your asking) then you should start nice and light and really get a huge pump in your back, imagine your hands as hooks and instead of pulling with your hands pull through your elbows ( use straps if you need too) then as you go heavier you'll feel it more in your back vs you rear delts.

If that wasn't your question could you please rephrase it haha??


ty for attention an sorry for bad english ,
it wasnt exactly what i asked ,
i asked if there is any problem to do the seated row like lee priest does in the video ?
becuase in proffesional machine the cable pull from highter position as opposed to how lee priest does it , so i am not sure if it is still work on the back and not the delt because the position of the cable start from....
hope u undertood me :smiley:


The machine looks great. The lower position of the cable give you a better stretch on the lat and IMO is superior to the ones with the cable higher. After studying dozens of machines the one that I felt most in the lats was the legend pro series which has a similar cable position. when you pull up higher you are not getting the lats as well, looks like a great machine. Lats are very much a muscle that you have to get you mind into and until you really have that connection cemented in you have to keep the pulls light and smooth.


ok ty very very much man for the so positive answer :slightly_smiling:
i just bought straps for the hand too


i got another question similar :
Powertec Leg Curl Attachment
i would like to know the effectivity of this exersices ?
when u get to the end of the movement the weight pull less force on the legs as opposed to proffesional leg curl that has same pull force all over the motion
this what i think ,
what do u think guys ? who tried both stuff
(i never done proffesional leg curl )