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Lat Spasms


I have been fighting a right shoulder issue for a few months now. Recently I found that I have a muscle spasm in the right lower lat. I am curious if the spasm in the lat can cause pulling on the other muscles and cause pain in the shoulder?


Bump because I have had the same issues and would like to know as well.


I was hoping someone like BBB would hit on this since he always seems to have corective advise in these matters.

A little more info; Some days the pain is worse than others. My shoulder feels tight in the rotator cuff area. I have been doing band exercises to try and strengthen them. Maybe I am just impatient and it needs more time.

I went for acupuncture the other day to try it out. It seemed to relax the muscles in my scap area for a while, then it tightened up a little. Maybe I have a mixture of correctuve muscle issues coupled with stress related issues.

Can't wait to get back at it.


What specifically is your problem? Just the spasm? Is it causing you to not be able to functionally use the muscle due to the tightness or the pain? Can you put up a picture marking exactly where the pain is?

Any specific cause of injury or did it just come on randomly? Changes in diet recently? Changes in training protocol recently?


Last year I began overhead pressing a lot. In November I pulled a muscle in my neck area which started the spasms in my scap area. This went on for a while when my shoulder began hurting from time to time. I maintained my workouts less over head pressing. I then developed what seems like bicep tendonitis.

Now days I have a mild constant dull pain in my scap area like a mild spasm. I also have the dull shoulder pain and front upper bicep tendon pain.

I sometimes feel that if the scap would fully release, my other problems would subside?


Can you put up a photo of a back and mark on it where the pain specifically is? You first post, you make it sound like a lat dorsi issue. You last post makes it sound like a mid/lower trap and/or rhomboid issue.

And here's a photo for you to use even: http://www.myenergetictouch.com/BACK.png


The problem spasm is the lower lat area. Sorry for the confusion. I think I have located a root problem. The mouse for my computer..I have no support for my arm when using the mouse causing my shoulder to round forward. I have since gone to a remote mouse using my left hand. I will also begin more strengthening exercises to pull the shoulder backwards into place. I am attempting to attach a photograph of the hurting areas. I could not open your attached photo link. Thanks anyway. I thank you for your assistance as well.