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Lat Pulldowns


Ok basically i finally got enough money to buy a powerrack. Then i realized i dont have a lat pulldown either. My question is could i just buy a powerrack and do pull ups on it instead of doin lat pulldowns. Are lat pulldowns like really required to building your lats?


Lat pulldowns are not required and many think that pull ups are the better exercise as far as building strength and mass. Many bodybuilders quit doing pull ups in the off season because of their increased body weight which would be when pulldowns are substituted.


Pullups are considered the preferred of the two. Pulldowns are good when you aren't strong enough to do pullups.

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agree with Prof. X (like your new avatar by the way) but if you really want to, this link is from dave tates site, shows how you can do them with bands and powerrack


From what I've read (on this site), pull ups and chin ups are far superior to lat pulldowns. Even if you can only do one, do one until you can do 10, then add weight. Hell assisted pullups are even better than lat pulldowns.


Don't worry about a pulldown. If you do pull/chinups along with bent rows and deads, your back will grow just fine.
Weighted pullups are awesome btw.


Pulldowns are pretty worthless anyway. Pull ups, DLs, and rows do much more for your back. You made the wise move by getting the power rack. It is a very complete tool.


I haven't done pulldowns in a year and my back is getting stronger than ever.


pulldowns have their place dependent on your goals...

if you're building your lats specifically for bench press, i think that chest supported rows are the best bet...


Gawd, I do pulldowns every workout. They aren't useless. Again, they are very helpful in the "offseason". The Hammer Strength lat pulldown machine is especially useful and allows me to use more weight than even my own body weight without worrying about hanging weights from my ass.

Chin ups = Good
Pull downs = Good

Beginners should be working on increasing their core strength anyway so, yes, do chin ups, but don't walk around the gym turning your nose up at those who don't.